Pisachini – A Poem

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Lying on the floor
Wounded, naked and numb
You called me
A slut
A bitch
A whore
And a cunt
Asked me to play by your rules
Or fuck off from where I came from.

Close on the heels of the chase
You smirk, “Too easy a prey!”
Go ahead, my dear
Deem me a slut,
Shame me as much as you want
My choices and associations
None of your business.
My life – I own it
Write it and live it.

Does my direct gaze cause a dent to your pride?
And loud voice rattle your core?
“Too opinionated!”, you cry.
I’d rather be a bitch
And stir a revolution
Than keep my gaze,
My tone down
Coz’ down is where doormats belong
Not me, not any of my sisters.

Don’t you dare brandish me a whore,
Nip me in the bud
Dim my shine
Or force me to cater to your calling.
For like a rose that blooms,
My curves will freely roam
And sway rapturously in the air
To the heart’s fullest desire.

My cunt’s not a curse
To thwart its life inside the cocooned womb
My cunt’s not the cross
To exorcise me
Out of my maternal and marital home
My cunt’s a fountain of hope for humankind
Let it flow naturally
Bleed equitably
Breaking glasses, ceilings, and ill-fate.

Call me
A slut
A bitch
A whore
A cunt
I’m all of this
And so much more
A Pisachini aroused
From the sacred Puja ashes.




  1. What made you write it ? I am sick of this feeling of being looked down by many people. But sadly most of the times people giving me a hard time and bad time are other women. Did you think of that too? I want to know more. Coincidentally I am reading it just when the Durga Pooja season is about to start. I could see a glimpse these of the fierce goddess. #damurureads #myfriendalexa

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  2. There is such a thin line between a independent thinker and a feminist. You have woven the the words so boldly and beautifully while maintaining a beautiful balance. Give yourself a pat on the back as you have resonated the thoughts and feelings of almost every woman alive…Keep writing babe! You are awesome! #MyFriendAlexa #DiaryOfAnInsaneWriter

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