Monsters under the bed #SundayPhotoFiction


She was 2 when she had to sleep in her own room. The monsters under the bed scared the wits out of her keeping her awake all night.

“Sleep with me, Pretty pretty pleasssseeeeee!”

Mama smiled and shook her head gesturing a gentle yet firm no.

The story was the same the next night. And the night after. Monsters and Mama stood their ground.

“You can never escape the monsters.”

“But, I want you to sleep here and protect me?”

“When the time comes!”

The time came.

“Don´t cry, my little brave girl!”

“Please don´t go! I promise, I will sleep on my own.”

“Mama is just moving to another world.”

“No! I want you here with me right now. Always.”

“I will watch over you every single moment and keep those monsters away.”

Papa brought a huge scarecrow that resembled Mama. Somewhat.

Mama breathed her last in the wee hours of morning. Brain cancer won.

Leah slept through the night and every night after.

Years later, Leah touched the scarecrow for the first time after time healed  her.Somewhat.

She felt Mama. She felt Mama´s handbag. Opened it and found a note.

´Your Guardian Angel forever!´

(Word Count: 200) 

Linking up with Sunday Photo Fiction hosted by Susan. Thank you Anurag Bakshi for the photo prompt.


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