Monsoon ´n´ Mondays! #MondayMusings

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It´s wondrous how the weather changes outside and inside you.

Kerala is in floods and God save them. But its heartening to see how people are not waiting for divine intervention and helping the state in the best way they can afford to.  In fact, Monsoon has gripped the whole of South India. Hyderabad is no exception but the situation is under control here. 

As for me, I love the monsoons for the cheap thrills that it brings – roasted corn on the cob, boiled peanuts, warm chaats and pakodas, magical masala and ginger chai, steaming filter coffee mornings. Even the banal daily experience of reading a book and listening to music suddenly feels ultra-luxurious against the pitter-patter sounds of drizzling raindrops. The only downside of Monsoons for me is that I am an asthmatic and I have to be extra careful during this season.God grant me immunity!

Otherwise, I feel upbeat. I am in a good place and space. Cozy and comfortable, I would say! I am doing things that I love. Some that I fear as well.

And what do you know! I feel charged and ready to grab by the bull by its horns. Much like Maria from ´The Sound of Music´ in this lovely song!

Have a wonderful week, folks!

This post is written as part of #MondayMusings  hosted each week by Corinne Rodrigues.


  1. It’s always lovely when you’re at home, and your feet are dry (that’s the part I hate about being out in the rain). Happy to see the upbeat tone of your post, Tina! Wishing you well through this season.


  2. I was initially thrilled by the rains in my place at Kochi, Kerala. It was fun and the rains brought some much-needed relief to me as I was feeling particularly depressed at that time. But unfortunately fun turned to despair when the rains showed no signs of abating and we ended up with massive flooding and loss of lives and whatnot. Loved the song you posted. I love that movie ‘the sound of music’. Maria is adorable. And my daughter plays two of the songs from the movie on the violin, Edelweiss, and Do-Re-Mi. I never tire of hearing her play them.


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