A clean slate #FridayReflections


She cautiously set her cup on the table. The clock kept ticking furiously in tandem with her pulsating heart-beat. Her baby picked up the signals and kicked her hard inside from her womb. She did not deserve to be treated this way and laid off so unceremoniously. Not at this time when she needed the money and the security of a job the most. How could a wonderful dream turn into such a bitter nightmare?

She sipped her morning cup of tea with relish. Her heart was bursting firecrackers while her mind skyrocketed to explosive destinations. She lost track of time as she looked at the slender figure in shorts humming a tune and making her breakfast. Her eyes welled with tears as she held Joey´s prize-winning tribute to her on Mother´s Day alongside the front page news feature listing her among India´s most enterprising women under 40. How could a bitter nightmare turn into a wonderful dream?

Well, you simply wake up from your nightmare, erase the handwriting on the wall and start with a clean slate.

(Word count: 134)

This post is written for the #FridayReflections , a link up hosted by Shalini at KohlEyed Me  and  Corinne at Everyday Gyaan. Anyone can participate.


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