Pocketful Of Sunshine #MondayMusings

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Last Monday, I wrote about my feelings of disorientation and indecisiveness about future plans. I decided to take action and get out of the rut. Sometimes, such feelings of uneasiness are essential to help us to take a break from the rat race and contemplate if we want to be part of the race. If I want to be a rat at all. Probably, that´s the cause of the disorientation. Instead of cheese, probably I crave for milk. Maybe being a rat is not my goal at all. Perhaps, being a cat is more my nature. Or dog. Or horse. You get the drift right!

It´s important not to walk through life with blinders on. Not knowing why we are doing what we are doing. And sometimes, even if we go in a certain direction after much thought, we realise that we are on the wrong path. Pause. Ponder. Stop if you want to turn back and change your course. Or Play if you don´t want to give up and continue on the same path with renewed determination.

This week, I´ve been feeling good. Embracing these unsettling feelings are important. They shouldn´t deter you or dampen your spirits. Instead, it should swing you into action.

Yes, there are still some aspects of my life that a niggling. But, I guess there will always be some imperfections in your life. It´s important to count your blessings and move on with life in hope and wonderment.

As someone I know says, ´Carry the weather inside of you wherever you go´.  So, I´ve decided to carry a pocketful of sunshine where I go. How about you?

This post is written as part of #MondayMusings  hosted each week by Corinne Rodrigues.



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