Holy Grail #FFfAW #FlashFiction

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Rosa knelt before the altar as the proceedings of the celebration of The Holy Eucharist was in full swing. The incense smoke curled into wispy rings mirroring her present dilemma.

Antonino came into her life when she was cynical about love. While the torrid affair began casually, it took a serious turn.

“Marry me, Rosa?”

Antonino pulled out a gigantic rock blinding Rosa´s senses. Barely managing to breathe, while her heart struggled to pump up another beat, she cried,

“Baby! I just…”, 

Antonino shushed

“Just say yes! We´ll escape to Venice and live happily forever.”

“But Nino! I´ve been promoted as Director. I can´t budge.”

“My future is in Italy with you.”

As she stood before the Holy Grail, the priest prodded:

Do you take Antonino to be your lawfully wedded husband?

Rosa walked away leaving a trail of collective gasps.

(Word Count: 145)

Linking it to the weekly FFfAW hosted by Priceless Joy.


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