Fate, Faith and Wait ! #MondayMusings

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There are times when you just fall into a slump. Your brain just rusts, gathers moss and goes into a fog mode. I was in such a state last week. I really didn´t know what, how, why, where or when to look for answers.

Did you ever feel that way? I barely read or wrote. I was just sleepwalking all of last week. I basically did nothing. Wait a minute! Actually, I did. If you count day dreaming, organising stuff, lending a listening ear, cooking and sharing a meal made with love and sleeping as worthwhile activities. 

Also, a lot has been going on the personal front. Major decisions that demanded serious contemplation (and some daydreaming). Surprisingly, we cracked it sooner than expected. Partly logic, mostly instinct. Also, a surprise phone-call from a long lost friend has put a perpetual smile on my face. 

It feels good to see faith come into play in your relationships. It feels good to see fate come into play and swing you along, whispering that everything will be just fine. 

I have nothing much to complain. Yet, there are some uncomfortable positions that I find myself sunken in quite deep. I want to get out. I tell myself – 

Patience is the key. Action, its duplicate. 

May the doors of fate and faith open!

Thankfully, I´m beginning to feel more like my usual self now. And hopefully, I will have made some progress on some fronts by the next Monday.




    1. Yes, yes, Corinne! Nothing to complain and yet a feeling of uneasiness coupled with inertia. True, they are warning signs to take charge and get into action. Thanks for sharing your valuable thoughts and keep stopping by 🙂

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    1. True, Radhika! Sometimes there is no cause or reason. But, one must pick themselves up before falling into a rut. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and the appreciation. Keep stopping by 🙂

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