The Catch

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They come like a thief, tiptoeing from nowhere land, into the crevices of the mind. I sat up in terror  as I felt the ropes tightening its grip around my neck as my eyes meandered for the culprit. The room was pitch dark and eerily silent. I could breathe and felt nothing constrict me. Only a while ago, I was gasping for life like a fish out of water. The scene still afresh in my mind. I was in the middle of all action. Most likely, the protagonist herself. He was coming for me. The thief from nowhere land. And he caught me unawares. My mother was screaming for help, watching the proceedings in helpless horror. Either of us would die first. Out of strangulation or a weak heart.

I peered suspiciously in the dark for any sorry surprises. The parted curtains revealing a smoky glass window, illuminated by the soft glow of the moon. I heard some strange noises from strange creatures. Was it an owl, a dog or the thief? I closed my eyes and murmured a silent prayer. Was this a foreboding? I was in a Catch 22 situation.

Should I simply roll over and go back to sleep?

Should I muster courage and investigate the truth?

I took the middle path. Looking frantically for my mobile phone in the dark, I checked for the time. It showed 1:00am. It had been only two hours since I went to bed to catch my nightly beauty sleep. Instead, I woke up with more wrinkles anyone could gather in a lifetime in the last ten minutes that I was up. I had no brave left in my spirit to venture into the dark and greet the murky forces of the night. Burying my head deep into the pillow, I fell into deep sleep.

The sun shone brightly and I rose with a dull headache. Was it just a dream? Was it a premonition?  Or was it a catch? My eyes lit up in delight and my head rambled for all possible clues. Who was the thief? Why was he coming for me? Did I know him? Did he know me? Did we know each other? What was my mother doing in the plot? To my disappointment, I couldn´t recollect any further.

I cursed my chicken heart. If only, I saw the light in the dark. That glimmering light of opportunity that sparked in the cold, dark corners of my rusty mind. Oh, they come like a thief unannounced, anytime as they please. These flighty opportunities of an idea amongst the ´one too many´ thoughts that traverse the mind endlessly. I wish there was a built-in fishing net like mechanism inside our tiny heads to catch those big ideas and small, as well. The endless chase for ideas and inspiration is real in all surreality. 

Wait! Do I see a great catch, a pearl perhaps, on the horizon?

I am participating in the #BarAThon 2018 hosted by Shailaja V based on Day 1 prompt: ´One Too Many’.



    1. Absolutely! And, I think a writer´s fishing net is a notebook. Always a great idea to note down the idea, however faint, and catch up on it at a later time. Thank you Anita for sharing your thoughts. Keep stopping by 🙂


  1. That is very true Tina. Quite often I have faced the situation when an idea would strike me during the daytime and I would make up my mind to write a post based on it on my blog. But it would soon slip out of my mind. Nowadays I make it a point to jot it down in my iPhone notes section. But as far as the ideas that strike us when we are in the depths of slumber in a semi-conscious state, it is indeed a pity that there is no part of our brains where we can make a note of it to be recollected later once we wake up.

    Here are the links to my #Barathon day 1 and day 2 posts

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    1. It´s always great to have a notebook (real or virtual) in reach. You never know when an inspiring idea strikes. As for me, that dream or nightmare was so distinct when I woke up in a was a well-etched action packed scene…and I was scared by its proceedings. If only, I paid attention to the details then, I would probably have something thrilling in hand the next day. Thanks for sharing the links..will read soon. 🙂


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