The Hookup #WriteTribe #Fiction


He walked into the shady joint. The place was kicking alive with blaring music, skimpily clad women dancing atop poles and lots of people looking for company like him. As he walked into the private chamber, he was greeted by one of the pimps who recognised him instantly.

“Ah, there you come again! Looks like you had a wonderful experience the last time around.”

Jonty nodded before looking around at the sample of women lined before him. He frowned and asked:

“Is that all you have to offer?”

“Hmm, I see you have expensive tastes. The one you are looking for are going to cost a fortune.”

“I´d like to have a look.”

That night, Jonty came home and wondered if his wife was asleep or waiting for him. When he walked in, he found the lights still on in the bedroom. One look at him and she knew at once where he had been.

“I guess it´s not happening tonight.”


“I knew it!

“So, what were you upto all night?

 Lucy was too eager to share the details.

“Okay, you won´t believe me when I tell you that I hooked up with Leonardo Di Caprio today.

“ Titanic coincidence, I tell you darling! Coz´ I hooked up with Kate Winslet just an hour back.”

This interesting conversation deserved to be sparkled up. Lucy poured some whiskey for the two of them and served some chicken wings on the side. Needless to add, it was one long night where the husband and wife spoke at length about their ´fantasies come alive´ with the Hollywood stars at the sex robot brothel.

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Festival of Words – June 2018



  1. So much for mankind’s fast scientific progress! That was a great twist at the end. Great imagination. And nowadays your posts never fail to surprise me. You seem to be on a mission to try out new genres of writing. Good for you.


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