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AMMA (33)

It was a beautiful sight every morning in Ponyville. The sleepy town welcomed the sunshine with the melodious cooing of the dawn chorus birds – Greenfinch, Eurasian Wren, Robin, Blackcap, Tawny Owl, Golden Finch, Chaffinch, Chiffchaff, Garden Warbler, Song Thrush, Dunnock and Willow Warbler. The flowers spread beauty and vitality as they bloomed in tender gaiety and swayed gracefully to the background melody.

Morning cheer was in full glory and everybody in the prairie land walked with a beat in their heart and a spring in their step. But, some of them galloped and flew into the distant horizons to find that elusive pot of rainbow.

One such girl is Shanaya! A nine year old, bright mind with a huge weakness for dolls, fuzzy and furry thingies, frosty cuppie cakes, warm toasty pies, ooey-gooey dripping chocolate, neon hued and horned unicorns and sugary syrupy breakfasts with strawberries, sunny fried eggs and ham on the side. And oh, don´t forget the frothy vanilla ice-cream shake which always left the perfect milk moustache on that sweet spot between her nose and lips. Which she loved to twirl and twirl endlessly in great satisfaction and pride!

She woke up with one winked eye to the glorious sun-rays that met her gaze for the first time in the day. There was no escaping the thick, fat aromas of love emanating from the oven either. How could anyone be cold and heartless when you have goodness and kindness surrounding and shielding you like guardians angels all the time?

“Wake up, Rarity! It´s morning time!”

Shanaya plonked Rarity, her pink fluffy unicorn friend who loved dancing on rainbows into her arms as she got out of the bed to conquer the day.

“Here we come, World!”, she declared after brushing her pearly whites.

Shanaya dashed into the kitchen and darted straight for her Mommy´s jiggly wiggly tummy. As she hit her target successfully, she planted a sweet kiss on her Mummy´s jelly belly and looked up eagerly for more TLC. Her mother flashed her  trademark gummy smile and caressed her curly locks.

“ Breakfast is ready! I made some French Toast with Cardamom Whipped Cream and your favourite Blackberry Jam with some Frankfurters on the side. It´s chocolate shake day today. ”

After Shanaya devoured her royal breakfast befitting a true princess, she went in for her beauty bath and quickly changed into her favourite pink and purple sparkly tutu skirt and white tee with a glitter of gold and sparkly silver ballerina shoes.

“Life is beautiful!”, she thought and smiled in contentment.

“Bye Mom! I´ll be back in the evening.”, as she blew several kisses in her direction.

Shanaya galloped like a pony from one puddle to another. It rained last night in Ponyville and the smell of the earth lend an incomparable aura of freshness to the place. As she headed into the woods, she wondered why she never encountered any ponies in Ponyville. But for now, her daily encounters entailed squirrels, deers, racoons, foxes and wild rabbits.

She came across a swamp where couldn´t resist checking her reflection. As she bent over on her knees and peered in excitedly, she let out a shocked gasp. There was an old wrinkly woman with a long curved nose and wiry hair staring intently right back at her. Shanaya jumped backwards in fright and immediately started touching her face, nose and hair. She checked there were no wrinkles on her body. Her nose seemed in proportion and her hair was as silky soft and straight as they always were.

“Shanaya, Come closer, my child!”, whispered a shaky, deep voice in the background.

A gigantic caterpillar came out of nowhere in front of her and slithered forward in the direction of the voice. Shanaya followed the creature as it led her to an old banyan tree. She saw a figure that resembled the eery reflection that she had seen in the swamp earlier.

“Hello Shanaya! I am the Willow Maiden! I grant all wishes that are whispered in the deepest, darkest depths of this woods.”

“Hello Willow Maiden! I don´t understand..What question and what wishes?”

“You wondered why there were no ponies in Ponyville.”

“Yes, that!”, smiled Shanaya feeling at ease for the first time in their eventful encounter.

“Once upon a time, there were ponies galore in Ponyville. Until….”

“Until what?”

“Until the Emperor of Ponyville was cast under a spell and the kingdom held in hostage. The beyond beautiful ponies were all devoured by the savage Eagletons who left no trace of the species anywhere on the land.”

“There is no hope for Ponyville to witness ponies ever again?”

“Shanaya, these were no ordinary ponies. They had magical powers and could do incredible things.”

“Wow, magical ponies! Really? And incredible what? Tell me, tell me!” pleaded Shanaya earnestly.

“There were unicorns in Ponyville, Shanaya.And without them, Ponyville has never been the same again. Let´s forget about them. Do you have a wish that I can grant?”

“Yes, Willow Maiden! But, I am not sure if you can grant it. I have always wanted to be a Unicorn.”

“I knew it!”, smiled the Willow Maiden.“Of course I can! Close your eyes and make the silent wish. It has to be said in all sincerity and honesty and only then can I help you unravel your wishful thinking into sweet reality.”

Shanaya followed the instructions obediently. She felt a sudden force capture her completely. In no time, she found herself zipping fast and faster in momentum as she went flying all across the swamps in a hurried frenzy until she was plopped hard onto the green banks.

The Willow Maiden was no where in sight and the giant caterpillar mysteriously disappeared as well.

As she rose up, she found her gait unfamiliar. She found herself comfortable on her fours and could see her nose for the very first time. As she tried to reach out for it and feel it, she found that she simply couldn’t. The harder she tried, the harder she sneezed. As she tried to mutter her frustration, she thought she heard a ´neigh´ sound. At first she thought, she was hallucinating. But then, when it happened again, she couldn´t believe it. So, the Willow Maiden was real after all. She was actually a Unicorn now.

Shanaya neighed like there was no tomorrow and galloped all over the woods in gaiety. She loved the feel and momentum of being a pony. But wait! She was not just a pony. She was a Unicorn and Unicorns fly.

“Wow!”, she thought as she spread her wings like a proud Empress and gently arose into blue skies.

As she flew higher and higher, she met many other fantastical creatures along the way. She finally reached the zenith and started to glide smoothly looking down upon the world as it made one hell of a breathtaking aerial view. She was now eager to find that elusive rainbow which held pots of gold coins at the two ends of the Earth.

She went in the quest for the treasure pots when she spotted a few Eagletons at a far distance. She knew she had to escape quick before she was put under a trance or spell. Before she knew it, the evil Eagletons had traced her and were about to devour her when…


“Help! Help!”

“Shanaya! What happened?”, her Mom cried as she held her in her arms.

“I´m alive?”, Shanaya asked her Mom quizzically.

“Of course! You are! But ,how did you just fall from the bed?”

“Wait a min, Mom! I am not a Unicorn! ”, she looked at her Mom in utter disappointment.

“Hmmm, Now it makes sense to me! A dream huh!”

“Yes, just a dream!”, Shanaya looked down. As her mother lifted her face, she saw tears in her eyes.

“Now, I´m just another girl in boring Secunderabad town. And, I have to go to school on top of that instead of heading out into the woods.”

“Shanaya! You are not just another girl. And, we do not live in a boring place.”

“Yes! We do. Secunderabad will never be as fascinating as Ponyville. Ever!”

“Shanaya! You can still be anything you want and go anywhere you want to go!”

“Really, Mom?”

“ Yes! Really! All you need to do is tap into your imagination, go into a flight of fancy and you will be transported to your happy place. ”

“You mean I can go back to Ponyville and be a Unicorn again!”

“Absolutely! There are no rules when it comes to imagination. Let your mind wander and thoughts run wild and free.”

“Do you go to your happy place often too, Mom?”

“Always! Imagination is my instant gratification.”, Mom winked at Shanaya as she leapt into the kitchen to rescue another slice of toast from being burnt.

#AtoZChallenge 2018 #BlogchatterA2Z


    • True, it´s a tough ride being an Indian child especially…with so much stress and pressure on the academic front. Her mom offered her the best solution there is ..given their circumstance. Use your imagination, day dream and even create…via doodles, writings, play 🙂


  1. I used to devour Enid Blyton’s when I was a kid. But I used to read only the mystery series, stuff like famous five, secret seven and several other kinds. Enid Blyton also used to write stuff like Brer Rabbit and Toyland stories. I have read some of those too. Your beautiful description of the part when Shanaya encounters the old woman and gets turned into a Unicorn and is flying high in the sky reminded me of those Enid Blyton’s I had read. And the ending is really superb. Yes, imagination is indeed a wonderful haven where nothing can restrain us and we can really let ourselves go. It reminded me of the days when I was a kid of 12 or 13 and was always saving the girl next door on whom I had a crush from some of the most villainous characters of Tamil cinema.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hahahahaa…That was an amusing eyeopener! What cute, innocent and carefree days….you have quite an imagination yourself, I must say..glad you retained that since 12/13 year. 🙂 I used to devour the mystery series of Enid Blyton too…Famous Five, Secret Seven 🙂 Keep reading and sharing your thoughts, Jai!


    • Thank you so much for the kind words, Priya! I realized why should the child´s prerogative be left behind. 🙂 I am thhorougly enjoying the diversity of your stories and poems as well in this challenge. Keep them coming! 🙂


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