Slip between the cup and the lip #FridayFictioneers


She sashayed down the aisle, looking sickeningly virginal in her pristine white wedding gown and blinding solitaire on her left ring finger.

Ísn´t she lovely?´, I could almost hear the violins play in Ricky´s head.

Looks like I was stuck there in for a while because Ricky and that other woman were about to be pronounced husband and wife.

´C´mon! Are you really going to gape or do something?´

As Ricky was leaning closer to seal the deal, I pulled that witch into my abode.

This mermaid sure had the last laugh and soon, the groom.

(Word Count: 99)

For this week´s Friday Fictioneers challenge hosted by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. The fun challenge is to write a short story of 100 words based on the photo prompt. This week´s photo prompt is provided by Sandra Crook. Anyone can participate! 

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