Slow #FlashFiction


Ananya trudged her feet along the concrete jungle. She barely managed to breathe as her lungs choked with the toxicants. Finally reaching the safe haven of her home, Ananya plonked into her sofa wondering if this great big dream was well-worth the chase after all.

Rajiv and she were the power couple who seemed to have it all – thriving careers, fame, money, happy marriage and children. But, Ananya could sense how this endless rat race was affecting all of them – her own health, the worrying crease lines and receding hairline on her husband and the children´s burgeoning school bags with its accompanying academic pressure.

If the family vacations were far and few,then the weekends were spent in polluted traffic jams and overcrowded places.

´It´s now or never, Rajiv´

A year living amidst the Coorg mountains, Ananya knew they made the best decision to go slow.

(Word Count: 147) 

Linking this up to Karen and Josh who are hosting this Flash Fiction challenge of 150 words and under.

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