On point #FFfAW


“Dear Sally! I´m sorry that I caused you so much pain. Yes, I have an alter ego just like you. After all, aren´t we splitting mirror images of each other? Hoping that you hold on and keep the faith.”

That night, Sally cried her heart out as she picked a bleeding Rob from the ground. Oblivious to her pain, the onlookers played to the gallery, filling the shoes of the paparazzi with effortless ease.

Amidst the piercing flash lights came two good samaritans. A couple who offered to help Sally take Rob to the hospital. Sally murmured every prayer she knew.

Within fifteen minutes of reaching the hospital, Rob was proclaimed dead. Sally couldn´t believe misfortune´s sudden windfall.

How could a cheap freak accident become costly? Why was Rob the victim for no fault of his? Why do bad things happen to good people? Wasn´t God supposed to be God?

(Word Count: 155)

For this week´s Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge by Priceless Joy.  The fun challenge is to write a short story between 75-175 words based on the photo prompt. This week´s photo prompt is provided by Raymond. Anyone can participate!


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