The Gods must be crazy #FFfAW #FlashFiction


Okibawa and Mibola were looking forward to their dream vacation. It was finally coming true!

A honeymoon after 35 years of being together, chuckled Mibola.

Anything to escape from them., muttered Okibawa to himself.

More than his love for Mibola, he needed a break from all that extra-terrestrial duty from the mighty Gods.

Ohhh look at that, smelly mouth! The Earth is so colourful from up here. , Milbola farted in her excitement.

The spaceship landed right next to a tectonic giant structure. Okibawa sniffed around while Mibola gasped in orgasmic delight.

Both looked at each other and voiced their thoughts at the same time.

 “Damn! There´s no escaping God Min even here.

(Word Count: 112)

Linking up with this week´s  Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers (FFfAW) conducted by the Priceless Joy This week´s photo prompt is given by Fandango. Anyone can participate!


    • Hi Akshata! I find it quite amusing and intriguing how so many ancient monuments are phallic shaped across so many civilizations – holy places, towers, palaces etc. Even modern architecture for that matter 🙂 That was the main driving idea behind this story. Hahaha…I wanted the aliens to have a quirky character of their own. Glad you liked that one. Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂


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