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Lata stared into the blank space. Her mind racing like a million shooting stars. Her heart sunken with grief, gratitude and guilt.

She was at a crossroad if she should take a philosophical route and call it God´s will! Or take a cynical route and blame it on the corrupt bureaucracy. 

Deep down she knew the right route. The most difficult one of them all! Her daughter´s road accident was as much her fault as it was God´s will or the Government´s lackadaisy. 

She refused to pass the same route everyday with blinkers on and pass the buck onto God or the Government. She started the ´Sharanya Foundation´ in the memory of her daughter, to improve road safety for all citizens.

Maybe just one drop in the ocean, but it was a step in the right direction!

(Word Count: 141) 

The #FridayFotoFiction challenge is hosted by Tina Basu and Mayuri Nidigallu every week. Anyone can participate! 




    1. Hey Anagha! Absolutely, it never does and it´s the toughest thing to do especially one you have lost someone dear and looking out for others´ safety. Loved the line – Owning up is liberating! Thank you so much for the appreciation! Keep reading! Love and Cheers!


    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation, Mayuri! I enjoy writing for #FridayFotoFiction. It´s been a while, I know and feels great to be back at it. 🙂 Thank you and Tina too for hosting this challenge for us every week! Love and Cheers 🙂


  1. That’s the sad state of our country today – the government is not bothered about anything other than their own vote banks!!! Very relatable story. Thanks for linking up with #FridayFotoFiction.

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    1. Hi Tina! Sadly, it is and I fear it is getting worse with time. No one is really bothered and our infrastructure is crumbling. There´s hope now left only in the citizens of the country..even if a handful few. Thank you so much for the kind appreciation and sharing your thoughts on this story. Keep reading! Love and Cheers 🙂


  2. I know of someone who had a bad road accident and once he got better, he has undertaken a foundation of sorts to help our such victims. He says he can never forget how he was lying on the road and no one bothered to stop – he wants to prevent that happening to others in such a situation. We often blame it all on the govt but yes we are to blame too. A step in the right direction; following traffic rules, being aware of the law and always helping out accident victims will go a long way in preventing such reckless acts.

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    1. Hi Shalini! You said it all so well! Glad your friend/acquaintance escaped death. This story is loosely based on a true story and it´s the worst thing that can happen to any parent. But, I applaud people like your friend or someone who has lost a loved one to a road accident to do the most difficult and gracious thing – look out for others´ safety, spread awareness and save other lives. Keep reading and thanks so much for sharing your story. Love and Cheers 🙂

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    1. Hi Akshata! It is the worst thing that can happen to any parent. It´s loosely based on a true story and hats off to the parents for keeping the memory of their child alive and trying to improve road safety for others. Keep reading!


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