Nirvana #FFfAW #FlashFiction


It was not the hemiplegia that crippled me as much as a deadly potion. Drink too much of it and it consumes all your senses and limbs, leaving you paralysed with an unpalatable salty bitterness!

Karma is such a bitch and liar. Bad things happen to good people.

The nurses have given up, calling me hopeless and delusional.

I still continue to be blind. But, wasn´t blindness its core nature?

Despite being stabbed in the back, I am still so hopelessly in love. Like the first time I saw and held my tiny being!

My eyes search for the invisible. I care for the heartless. I cannot wait to rejoice and attain Nirvana on the return of my prodigal!

(Word Count: 120)

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers is hosted by Priceless Joy and this week’s photo prompt is by Goroyboy.

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