Wanderlust #FridayFotoFiction


There are two kinds of people in the world.

The Trees – Those who like to stay rooted in one place.

The Birds –  Those that like to fly far and wide. Making a home wherever they perch for a while before taking flight again.

Sonia and Karan met in college. Surely it was lust that drew them together like two forceful magnets. But, it was wanderlust that glued them together for life.

The two lovebirds got married with a vow like no other! To travel in the good and the bad times, in sickness and in health and to love one another with no third person in between. Not even a child!

Karan and Sonia embarked on a lifelong journey filled with randomness, breathtaking sights and adventure. Working and playing ´on-the-go´, they lived happily ever after.

(Word Count: 135)

Linking up  with Tina and Mayuri for #FridayFotoFiction


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