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It was their innocent eyes that lured him to the field of teaching.

Numerous parents vouched for his calibre and brilliance. He taught their children the ABC´s of life.

They were indebted. And he made sure they paid their dues.

In that secluded spot where Nature called them, the teacher preyed upon his elementary students to his heart´s content oblivious to their outcries and tears.

He waited for this moment, most nobly called ´Guru Dakshina´ (repayment to the teacher for his/her services) in the epic book ´The Mahabharata´.

Word Count: 90 

Linking this story with Rochelle Wiseoff´s Friday Fictioneers . This week´s photo is given by What’s His Name.


  1. Education is the mastery of the self thru one’s mind and reason to sensitize and and channelize base human instincts to draw him from the animal level to human conscious level. The first person to practice this should be the teacher- one who knows how to control his base instincts. Education is far beyond the boundaries of a syllabus.

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    1. Hi Dale! Wasn´t it Abraham Lincoln who rightly said that it is power not setback that tests the true character of a person. I loved your feedback….aweful..aweful situation….much like the modern day adaptation of ´The Red Riding Hood´…masked wolves everywhere :(. Keep reading! Love and Cheers!

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    1. Hi Penny! Wow…Thank you for the lavish praise …woke up to your kind words this morning. Im thrilled to know that the story has left the desired impact on its readers….thank you again…this means a lot as I am experimenting with various genres…dark, light, funny, horror, drama etc. Keep reading! Love and Cheers! 🙂

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  2. Poor kids – what a terrible thing to endure – Makes you not want to go to school tomorrow – How can you tell your mom? Do it anyway – maybe she’ll go and beat some sense in the teacher — well here’s hoping anyway! Good story!

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    1. Hey Nan! Absolutely, it´s terrible to say the least! And kids are the most vulnerable targets of any sexual abuse. I think the key lies in an open channel of communication between the parent and the child and how foresighted and alert the parents are. I really hope the parents beat this teacher ´black and blue´ and throw him into the prison where he rightly belongs…and a rehabilitation centre of course. I was just reading yesterday how one school principal who sexually abused his elementary school students felt no remorse in what he´d done and actually justified his actions. Sick! Keep reading! Cheers!


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