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It´s been quite a week when it came to writing. For the first time, I realized the terminal power and reach of the internet. The extreme polarising reactions of readers. For someone who had no interest in being part of any social media account other than Facebook till last year, I have finally come to experience what trolling, tagging, sharing etc all mean.

Writing today is unlike the earlier times. Whether it your blog or your social media account, followers are just as important or more important than the content per se. Marketing your content and networking are crucial deal makers or breakers.

So, this week I posted one of my widely read, circulated and debated articles on the Hrithik-Kangana legal tussle. I posted the ´no holds bar´ article way before Hrithik Roshan´s ´tell-all´interviews. The reader response went from mostly negative, to mixed to overall positive, all in just a span of few days. The icing on the cake for me was that the article somehow caught the attention of Hindi movie artiste Kunal Kapoor who appreciated and shared my article on on his Twitter handle. Yes, my very first celebrity appreciation! (Blushes!) 


As a writer, I was happy to have created an impact, stir up a debate and alter the populist mindset and narrative. Up until then, the articles which were written on this topic were largely one-sided and subjective in perspective. I wasn´t sure how my take would be received and was expecting backlash for the same. The brickbats surely came as did the bouquets in good measure.

This incident has taught me that it is important to write fearlessly and honestly. You may receive extremely terminal reactions when you have to take a stance or side. But as long as you handle the reactions just as objectively as you write, things should improve with more readers getting your non-populist stance.

I’m participating in the Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge through October and the prompt for this article is ´Terminal´




  1. True Tina! It is overwhelming at times. Blogging is an extensive job. If you want your posts to be read , networking is the key. Of course good writing is imperative but it is not enough. Well crafted. Congratulations on Mr. K’s approval 🙂

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    1. Hey Meha! It is quite extensive..And I think the more you write and are part of any worthy writing community, your network builds up…you grow! Having said that, it is time consuming but I guess its important like in any other field. Networking is important like in any other profession. Thank you so much..that was indeed a very sweet surprise. Just goes to show to what ends an article can potentially go to. Keep reading! Hugs! 🙂

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  2. First of all I would like to congratulate you for your achievement as a writer. And secondly I could resonate to the first paragraph because I was the same until couple of months when I was just on Twitter and now on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Stumble Upon and Google+.
    I liked reading your post and would love to read more 🙂

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    1. Hi Shamik! Thank you so much for the kind words of appreciation. I would love to write more too and when you have regular readers, the motivation is more. It can be quite overwhelming being on so many platforms but I think one cannot escape that either. Keep reading! Cheers! 🙂

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      1. Yes, absolutely… Its good to be on many platforms unless you can make use of them efficiently 🙂
        I would wait to read more from you!!


  3. Tina my friend I may or may not agree to your post on Kangana but the way you handled the criticism left me in awe. I have been trolled multiple times for writing my mind – like when I said I speak English at home and get judged or why a woman and man need to discuss a few essential things before tying the knot- but I realise trolling should not deter one from fearlessly bearing out their mind and soul. We may not get trolled but will be content as writers unless we are being honest?

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    1. Hey Akshata! The beauty about writing is not whether we agree or not but whether we are able to understand where our perspectives come from. There is truth in both our perspectives..nothing is entirely black or white but shades of grey. And as long as you are honest in your writings, you have my respect even though our opinions might widely vary. This is the first time I have received such extreme reactions and yes, I am happy that I held my cool and responded objectively. I´ve experienced trolling on Twitter for the first time…and I must admit it is fun to a limit. I don´t think I will want to be part of such experiences in the future..but it´s okay for a one-time It was lovely to read your views and I hope you are having a great time. Hugs!

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  4. A terminal reaction is a reaction that ends a cycle or chain of other reactions. In that sense, I don’t think that any reaction on social media can be a terminal reaction. If you want more followers or want your blog to be talked about you need to set off the reactions ,not end them.

    And yes, if you want to write fearlessly, you have to expect both the bouquets and the brickbats.

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    1. Hi Sunita! Thank you so much for reading and sharing your wonderful views. Exactly, Terminal is extreme or the end of something. I received some extreme reactions on this particular article. I used the prompt ´Terminal´ to show the ends to which an article can go in terms of wide and reach. Little did I know my article would go up to Bollywood actor, Kunal Kapoor. Leave alone, getting some appreciation for the same as well. Never in my wildest dreams while writing for this one. So, that´s power and reach of the internet today…your article can go to any ends of the world. Regarding the reactions, again it spread from the terminal ends of positive to negative and to everything in-between when talking of this particular article. Exactly, I can stir up a debate and conversation, but it´s upto the readers to form their own opinions. As a writer, I am no one or have any power to end any opinion. To each their own. Keep reading! Cheers! 🙂

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  5. At this point, I am not sure about my stand on the Hrithik-Kangana controversy. However, I feel it is essential to be honest if you feel strongly about an issue. Hats off to you for writing fearlessly. Congratulations!

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  6. I think the entire controversy is overblown. I also think Kangana tries to stir up controversies and people tend to take her side just because of the woman/feminist angle. But the woman isn’t always right and the man isn’t always to blame. Anyway, I stopped following this long back, but I do think that if you believe strongly in something, you should write about it fearlessly.

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    1. Natasha, This is why I love you. You say it like you mean it…That´s it. No two ways about it! For me, Feminism comes tied with the responsibility of standing up for the Truth. And in this lady´s case, it´s hard to vouch for her without facts. I normally steer from writing Bollywood gossip though I love reading them. But, this case was different…been so long drawn and milked so much for whatever reasons. It was also becoming associated with Feminism and Women empowerment for some strange reason…and I begged to differ there. As I said, for me at least, Feminism stands on the side of Truth irrespective of the gender or the lack of it. 🙂 Keep reading! Cheers!

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  7. I read this article of yours and thought well she is one honest writer. I am not sure who is right a d who is wrong but it was to see that you shared your thoughts fearlessly not everyone is courageous enough

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    1. Hey Swati! That is so sweet! Yes, I wrote this article essentially because I felt most of the articles were pretty much one-sided in perspective. Right or wrong, every other article was skewed in favour of Kangana Ranaut while I was skeptical. Thank you so much for the wonderful words…..Being true to my core beliefs is extremely important for me as a writer…even if I have to face flak for it…so be it! 🙂 Keep reading and Hugs for those loving words. Really appreciate it! Thank You! 🙂


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