I see you, baby! #FFFAW


The bistro was buzzing with life, energy and love. The waitress came with her order. Tomato Basil Panini with extra Mozzarella Cheese and a strong Cappuccino with no sugar.

It took her a long time to see the truth. Ira came into the world blessed with good looks, intelligence and a truckload of talent. Boys came early into her life. Needless to add, so did the ´birds and bees´saga. 

This was the first time in twenty  years that she was single. She vowed that she wouldn´t get into another romantic relationship until she met ´The One´. None of her ex-boyfriends could fulfil her completely. 

Áre you waiting for someone special, Senorita?´

´Yes! And there she comes!´

Ira neatly placed her retro shades on top of the cappuccino cup, facing towards herself.

´I see you, Baby!´

Áaaah! I see that you are in a perfect relationship.´, smiled the waitress.

´Yes! At last!´, acknowledged Ira.

(Word Count: 155)


My entry for this week´s ´Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers´ challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt is provided by @Shivam25. Anyone can participate. #FFFAW Challenge #FlashFiction


‘I am taking my Alexa rank to the next level with Blogchatter and #MyFriendAlexa’ #TheTinaEdit


    • Hi Lavanya! You came pretty close to my take on the prompt. Incredible! For me, I was trying to portray that it is important to understand oneself wholly before committing to another person. Ira kept jumping from relationship to relationship and yet she found no fulfilment. Till she vowed that she would give it a break and figure herself out. Yup, marrying oneself is becoming a trend…I have no comments on that one though I do get the concept…lol. Keep reading! Cheers!


    • Hi Iain! I made some minor changes now in the story to make it more clear. Basically, its about this incredibly good looking and talented girl who naturally attracts boys into her life with her personality. Ira is slightly messed up because though she seems to have it all, she remains at the core, an insecure woman trying to find fulfilment in her relationships. After jumping from one relationship to another, she realizes that fulfilment needs to come from within and decides to give relationships a break before courting and accepting herself. Keep reading! Cheers!

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    • Hi Nayantara! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog! Thank you so much..I´m glad you liked the story…Absolutely, one must discover and be content with oneself instead of looking for it in someone else. 🙂 Keep reading! Love and Cheers!


    • Hi Akshata! Absolutely, you surmised it well. Once she´s sorted, she has the world around her sorted too. Keep reading! And Congratulations again for the 100 likes…here´s to another 100 more soon. Love and Cheers!

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