The X-Files #FridayFotoFiction


Alana´s death was mysterious to say the least. Another success party thrown in her honour. She was pretty much on every fashion magazine, catching the eye of topnotch international ad agencies as well.

An overdose of drugs or was there something more than what meets the eye?

Who stood to gain the most from her death?

Her contemporaries?

One of her touted lovers or were they really handlers?

Hidden from plain sight, Blair found a mysterious photo lying in Alana´s bathroom vanity, of a burkha clad woman with strange men.

Were was this place? Was this woman Alana? Are these men connected to her death? What was the photo doing in her bathroom?

As he pinned another clue on his board, he peered to find the missing links and crack the case.

(Word count: 142)

Linking up  with Tina and Mayuri


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