The tale of the two women

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(This was first published here on Siya Woman:   Image Credits goes to Rashmi Prabhu. )


She was breathtakingly gorgeous.

Her hair – Golden, divine

Her skin – Porcelain white

Her eyes  – Deep ocean blue

Her lips – Sweet berry pink

Her gait – Supermodel like

Her aura – The alluring temptress!

She was the dream-girl of most men and everyone wanted to grow old with her. I courted her and we had many wild, thrilling adventures together. She was bold and free-spirited without a care ´We live life only once. So, let´s simply live it up.´, she fluttered her eyes and purred seductively. Luxuries galore and every brand she adorned with pompous elan´. It was hard to resist and escape from the clutches of her glamorous charm. She painted a vision of perfection from head to toe. But underneath all those cosmetic cover-ups, I finally saw her true self. Empty, broken and eternally seeking closure. Men everywhere but none she could call her own. Places aplenty she traversed yet none she could claim her home. The eternal nomad looking for her true roots! Her soul, always restless and craving adventure! She had every possession her heart desired except for that elusive missing piece that left a sinking hole in her heart – Love!

She was the ugly, abandoned one.

Her hair – Woefully silver

Her skin – Wrinkly prune

Her eyes  – Sunken low and hollow

Her lips – Ashen grey

Her gait – Awkward with a limp

Her aura – The rooted ancient tree!

She was past her prime and shunned by most men. Frowned upon by everyone while abandoned and mocked upon by some of her own kind. Who would want to spend all their life living with an old hag who was deep neck in heat, dust and poverty? Yes, some of them came to visit her in the garb of charity and goodwill but spent too little time with her. Alas, all of her visitors left too soon. They were on a short, spiritual break seeking Nirvana, you see! Stay longer and possibly even live with her awhile and you will see it all! Beauty like you have never seen or experienced before! She had no picture-perfect, sparkling white, even teeth and yet her smile was the most beautiful I´d ever seen. She smiled with her soulful eyes and the curve of her smile reached the farthest crevices of her ears. Her soothing touch shook the deepest chambers of my heart. It was tender, motherly and divine. Her cup was brimming and over-flowing with love and contentment. Living in her midst taught me the most profound lessons in my lifetime. I stood witness to her life and realized that the best things in life come free. Like oxygen, family, love and happiness! She may not have any costly worldly possessions but there were no missing puzzle pieces in her life. She was real, complete and imperfectly perfect!

Author´s Note: The two women in this story are metaphors for two countriesOne of the most popular blog requests that I have been getting from friends regularly is to write about my experiences in America and draw a parallel comparison to India. Some of them were at  crossroads because they were seriously contemplating moving back to India. It´s been a year since we moved back to India after six wonderful years in the USA – 5 years in California and 1 year in Wisconsin. I do plan to write a detailed blog on my personal experiences about living in both the countries. In the meanwhile, I thought I´ll do a creative blog on this topic. And that´s how ´The tale of the two women´ was born. Please do let me know your thoughts on this one.




    1. Hi Mahek! I´m so glad you liked this one! The two women are metaphors for the two countries! Thank you so much for the keeps me going! Keep stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Love and Cheers!


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