Why Religion Is Like Sex For Me

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(My debut on @SiyaWoman. This was first published here: http://www.siyawoman.com/6640-2/.   Image Credits goes to Rashmi Prabhu. Here I am dealing with two dirty words – Religion and Sex at one shot. Enjoy the read!) 


Playing ´Fair´ not ´Fire´ with Religion and Sex

We live in a world of agnostics, skeptics, atheists, secularists, spiritualists and the religious. I consider myself to be in the last category of people – the traditionally religious group. I am a modern, contemporary woman with a bit of the old and a bit of the new. I like to find wisdom in the traditions of the past and hope in the evolutionary future.

Today, the two words ´Religion´ and ´Sex´ have dirty connotations attached to it thanks to their adulterated versions in the commonplace.

Religion has become synonymous with being judgmental, intolerance, bigotry and killing. Religious wars and crimes have become a norm. It is not uncommon either to see so many false god men and women flourishing all over the world and tainting the concept of religion with their misdeeds. From pedophilia to rape to murder to corruption, these religious leaders have committed every crime listed in their Holy Books. Little wonder then, that Science is poised to be the future religion of the world.

Sex has become synonymous with instant and casual carnal pleasures that would put even the fast and easy 2-min Maggi noodles to shame. Oh don´t forget those toys, poles, handcuffs and other paraphernalia in 50 million shades of grey to add extra spice to the instant gratification experience. To make matters even more slippery (pun intended), the idea of gender itself is questionable. In the age of gender fluidity, you are a man on one day, when you choose to go motorbiking or climb trees and a woman on another day, when you feel like dolling up and painting your nails or cooking up a storm inside your kitchen. Man! I feel like a woman on Monday. And woman! I feel like a man on Friday! Throw in some robots for extra fun and you get a wholesome digital experience as well. So, you get the hazy picture, rather direction where religion and sex are headed towards in the future.

In more ways than one, we are witnessing a rampant politicization and corruption of religion and sex today.

But for me, religion and sex remain untainted philosophies of life. Religion is an extremely private affair with my Creator. It is the biggest love affair that I have besides the one that I share with my beloved husband. So, in many ways, these two relationships define, support and nurture me.

Religion is not something that I like to flaunt or speak loudly about. For me, this is a clandestine love song that I sing only for Him. My thoughts and my feelings are shared only with Him and nobody else. So, in that context, religion is like sex for me. It is nobody’s business except that of my Creator and me. It doesn´t cause anyone nuisance. It doesn’t seek proof or validation of my love for Him and vice versa to anybody else. It is built on childlike trust, love, sacrifice, devotion and utmost privacy.

There are many times when I have questioned the role of middle men in religion like, priests, pastors, sadhus, mullahs etc. To each their own! As of now, Religion for me lies in reading in-between-the-lines’ of the Holy Bible or Scriptures and interpreting it in my own limited capacity, reflecting on it and connecting with my personal Saviour.

As plain, simple and spontaneous as that!  Isn’t that how both religion and sex are best enjoyed and cherished?

Author´s Note: Some unique things about Siya Woman which enticed me towards writing for them. They represent the atypical woman. They believe humour is the best antidote to stress. Their target audience is men and women. Their reads are short and sweet..under 500-600 words. And of course, the colourful illustrations. Any true writer´s dream! Makes it a nice, collaborative experience between the writer and artist.

What are your thoughts on this one? Would love to know. Keep Reading!


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    1. Hey Prasanna! Thank you so much for the wonderful words of appreciation, my dear! You just made my morning 🙂 Absolutely…both these words have become tainted unfortunately. Because of some of the reasons listed in here. Keep reading and sharing your thoughts…I enjoyed reading them as well. Hugs!


    1. Hi Arv! Firstly, a warm welcome to my You surmised it so well! Just because of misdoings of people, you cannot blame the entire ideology or concept . Thank you so much for your appreciation..it keeps me going! Keep stopping by and sharing your thoughts! Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Kuheli! Thank you so much for the appreciation and sharing your thoughts on this one. You connected so well and got the gist of this post. Exactly, two beautiful concepts for the overall evolution of body, mind and soul. But, tainted by few scrupulous people who use it to exploit others to their advantage. 🙂 Keep reading! Cheers!


  1. Wow!! Applause applause and more applause…
    What a lovely post and how well the dots are connected between religion and sex… Kudos to how you depicted the tale.
    I liked the way of your comparison and description in the sentence. “Sex has become synonymous with instant and casual carnal pleasures that would put even the fast and easy 2-min Maggi noodles to shame.”
    Keep it up!!

    Liked by 1 person

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