A Liar´s Love Song #FridayFotoFiction


They made the most unlikely couple much to everyone´s amusement.

Shruti was her grandfather´s pet amongst all his grandchildren. At an age when he was sure he would be long forgotten, Shruti´s love was endearing to say the least. She followed him everywhere around like Mary´s little lamb. In turn, he played every tune in the world to delight her to heart´s content.

Why did Shruti love Grandpa so much? Does love need a reason?

She was six when he died.

´I will be back!´

´Pinky promise? Else?´

´Liar, liar, Pants on fire´, he said before breathing his last. 

 She waited but he never showed up.

Shruti followed the haunting melody into Aarav´s room only to find him at the piano.

´Who played this song?´



Shruti looked into her son´s eyes and finally saw the glaring truth.

(Word count: 146) 

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    • Hi Anagha! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog! Thank you so much for the lovely words of appreciation. Yes, dabbling into microfiction of late. Keep stopping and sharing your lovely thoughts. Love and Cheers!


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