Who is a Teacher?

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None of us have escaped the Á is for Apple, B is for Ball….´early days of education. When we were tiny tots who first stepped into the big bad world, it was our teachers who acted as our guides and gave us a proper head start in life.

Well, what can I say! Good teachers are a blessing and grateful students even more!

Teacher´s Appreciation Week is much more than paying a tribute to a profession and more to the spirit of learning. There are teachers who span from poor examples to naturally inspiring ones. And, I have rubbed shoulders with all kinds of them in my life.  I also don´t think you stop encountering teachers post your academic education.

Beginning with my parents – my first teachers. My mother is a lecturer by profession and it makes me proud to know that she has spent half her life shaping young bright minds. But for me, my mother is a role-model in every which I choose to look at her. What I have learnt from her is strength, faith, grace, humility and leadership. I owe my writing skills entirely to my father. It was from him that I developed the love for books. We were the only readers in my family back then. He´s always been the kind of father who will never lay down restrictions on you.  So, Yes, I had my first sip of wine..thanks to him and read all kinds of books including the racy ones without any fear of his presence. That is his sheer goodness and magnanimity given the the role that he essays in our lives. More a friend figure than a father always! And, these are some traits that they have taught me by example and which I hope to pass down to my daughter.

My siblings, my twin brothers. From whom I first learnt the true meaning of companionship. There have been bitter fights galore in our wonder years and lots of wonderful memories made down the years. Each one of us share a unique but different bond with one another. From them, I have learnt that no two relationships are the same and every bond has a different dynamic. And, that different people can find a common ground to peacefully love and co-exist under the sun.

My husband, from whom I learnt the meaning of Love. The kind that is sacred, blessed and committed for life. It is from him that I learnt that Love doesn’t require grandiose words but kind, meaningful gestures. It is from our relationship that I´ve learnt that love is about giving your all and nothing in-between. It is through patience, wisdom, attention, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, grace and hope alone that love can make its in-roads and stay forever.

My friends! Each and every one of them that taught me something silly and profound alike. In between time, we grew up together with all our mad stories, anecdotes and antics. We cried on each other´s shoulders with our weepy tales and rubbed our snotty noses to our heart´s content. (Well! Not quite!). But, we´ve surely nudged each other to become better, wiser and nicer people without the sermons and lectures. And guess what? It works! The same could be said for some of my online blogger friends too…who teach me so much by their writings alone.

I can also state confidently today that the child is indeed the father of man. My daughter is the wiser of the two of us and I learn a lot from her every day.

The list could simply go on. Because everyone you meet does indeed teach you something if you closely observe them. After all, there is something good in every human being. Even the bad and ugly ones teach you something about yourself and life itself. 

The simple truth is that Life is indeed the greatest teacher of all! And we are all merely its humble students!

A teacher is always just around the corner!


  1. I feel everyone we meet in our life teach us something. When we inculcate positives thoughts from our experiences, it is a bliss in disguise indeed! I loved the way you penned down the importance and significance of our loved ones in life! Beautifully written 🙂


    1. Hi Keerthi! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog. I liked how you brought out the power of positive thinking. That´s the spirit…that there´s nothing that has no solution or way out. Absolutely..what are we without our loved ones anyway! :)Keep stopping by and sharing your wonderful thoughts. Love and Cheers!

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    1. Hi Damyanti! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog. Absolutely, considering that learning is a life-long process, teachers are all around us including us. 🙂 And, yes, if only we could start life with the lessons we´ve learnt by now..:) Keep stopping by…would love to hear your thoughts on my blogs. Love and Cheers!


  2. Tina, our father’s are so much alike. I also had my first sip of wine with him & he gave it to me in a steel glass so my mother ( one more similarity) who was a principal in school wouldn’t know that I was having wine. I have also inherited my love for reading from him. I used to accompany him to the library from the age of 5 years.
    I am now learning to swim and my daughter is my teacher. It is because of her encouragement I have attempted to overcome my biggest fear. She wants me to swim alongwith her, she corrects my strokes. She absolutely loves being my teacher and I am enjoying being her student.
    You have rightly said we learn from every person and you say this because you have an attitude to learn.

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    1. Hi Aesha! That is a lovely coincidence, I must say. I have a feeling we will get along like a ´house on fire´….lol when we catch up. Our daughters are also quite close in age. Thank you so much…I genuinely do believe we have so much to learn from one each other. Keep reading, my dear! Hugs!

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