Beauty is only skin deep

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Oshin and Ken visited an art museum in the suburbs of East London. One sculpture caught Oshin´s heart.

´How do you feel seeing this piece of art?´, she asked.

´Well, It makes me very uneasy….so broken. How about you?´

´I´m absolutely in love. This is bloody beautiful.´

Ken raised a brow inquisitively.

´Yes, I see pain, blood, sweat, toil, tears, darkness and brokenness. But, I also see immense courage, strength, persistence, hope, light and beauty. You see, Ken! We have to be broken and battered from our inner most core in order to be so beautiful.´

´Ah! Now, I see where you get all your beauty from!´

Oshin smiled sagely, wrapping her fingers around Ken´s as they both gazed longingly at the sculpture one more time.  

Word Count: 130 


This my first entry to the ´Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers´ challenge hosted by Priceless Joy. This week’s prompt was provided by Jade M. Wong. Thank you Joy and Jade. Anyone can participate. #FFFAW Challenge #FlashFiction



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    1. Hi Priceless Joy! Firstly, a warm welcome to my blog. It´s great to have the host of the challenge in your hood. I´m so glad you liked this one. Thank you for the kind words of appreciation too….It means a lot.I really loved the first challenge ..super fun. Cannot wait to tackle similar brillant ones in the weeks to come. Keep reading and sharing your thoughts. Love and Cheers!


    1. Hi Lavanya! Firstly a warm welcome to my blog. I´m glad you liked the little tale. Thank you so much for the appreciation, my dear. Keep stopping by for more such fun reads and sharing your thoughts. Love and Cheers!


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