Four peas in a pod #Fridayreflections

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Sonia dropped Tia at the school gate as she watched her daughter line up in the Kindergarten row. There was one cute girl in the line with short blunt cut and spaghetti strap frock. ´She´s really cute´, thought Sonia.

All Sonia got to listen from then on was ´Mommy, Tammy and I did this..´  Tammy was the same cute girl. One had to see their bond to believe it. Both of them seemed like two peas in a pod.

One day, Liz, Tammy´s Mom came over to Sonia and introduced herself. Ever since, they were the four peas in a pod. Together, they spoke of friendship moments in the near and far future. Of their girls becoming middle schoolers and prom queens. Of being bridesmaids and many such dreams.

But, then out of no where, John, Tia´s father got a transfer to another location.

And, the happiness of the four pods was ephemeral.


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  1. I can remember, in sixth grade (not sure what your equivalent to that is), my then-best friend suddenly moved away. We saw each other a handful of times (such as on her 16th birthday) but I can’t locate her online and I wonder a lot whatever happened to her. Yes, memories sometimes have to last us a lifetime.

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    1. Hi Sanch! Firstly, a warm welcome to my blog. That´s so true. Life is ephemeral. Enjoy what you have now and let it go when it´s over. Detachment is key while staying in tune with the present.Keep stopping by and sharing your thoughts. Love and Cheers 🙂


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