Let´s do the Grind! #writebravely


´Hey Girl!´,

´Hey Boy!´,

´Wanna grab a cup of coffee?´,

´Sure! Why not! I no see no harm!´

Caution thrown to the winds,

Drunk on coffee,

Dunked in blissful ignorance.


Arm in arm,

They strolled on the streets,

´Don´t we make a fine pair?´, he quipped.

´Blame the jitters, my love!´,

Ýou´re all high on caffeine´

Ánd you!´, he sang.

´Marriages are made in Heaven, Girl!´,

´No! It´s not!´, she giggled.

´Let´s do the grind

And find the stairway to Heaven!´


Wedding gowns and Tuxedos,

Rings and hearts exchanged,

Vows solemnly made,

Champagne glasses clinked,

That stolen kiss under the moonlight,

Clinched the final deal.


It was time to duel,

Same ole´ grind every morning

To find the cross-paths,

of their destinies.

No starry connections drawn,

Myth of compatibility shorn.

Tis´was grime and gruel all along.


Hunted in wilderness,

Plucked from the Mother Earth,

The heavens no where on the horizon,

Beans most tender and fine,

Pruned and roasted,

To varying degree hues.

Of dark, blonde and medium intensity.


No goalies scored,

Not even a stir,

Or a stare on some days.

Flamin´ hot steams,

Heart burns and bruised egos,

Tearing down the sheets in-between.

Endless trials of failed coffee,

Gulped, pulped and spat out,

Trailing traces of hope.


They toiled,

Walked with blinkers-on,

To find the right blend,

Of bodies, hearts and mind.

Let´s just fling this away,

And go our own separate ways.

They raised their arms,

In collective frustration and despair.


Something happened,

As they met their last gaze,

Their souls stirred,

As they clutched their cups,

Closer to their hearts,

Refusing to give up,

Without a fight.

Or have broken cups and hearts.


Ego brushed aside,

Hatred filtered out,

Temptation kicked out of the door,

Love make its inroads,

A spoonful of sugar,

Two cups of forgiveness,

A dash of hope,

A belly full of laughter

Sprinkles of naughty glances,

Of spicy Cinnamon touches

And fine sweet cherries on the top!


Hitting the highest notes,

And striking gold ,

Stirred to perfection,

Flaming fires of passion,

Kisses in delight,

Caffeine shots and kicks,

Of fireworks and shooting stars,

The doors of heaven flung open,

The truth finally staring at them.

‘I am taking part in The Write Tribe Festival of Words #6‘ ##writebravely




    • Thank you so much, Aesha! I really need to hear these words. Was such a tiring day yesterday…was out on errands all day…super stressed out…had the fever chills…throbbing headache…Came back home at 8pm. Was a real challenge to get down to the desk and pen down a few words. But, I did at 10pm…published around 11pm. And we survived the challenge. Finally! Glad you liked the poem, my dear! Hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Rajlakshmi! Lots going on that day…family function preparations, lots of running around…was hectic. But, all through it, I was thinking of the challenge and how to go about it. Helped….came back home..took a painkiller..lay on bed for a while..before jotting down the poem. Happy the way the poem turned out. And so glad you liked it. Keep reading! Love and Hugs!


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