Z is for Zap #AtoZChallenge

Zap is to destroy. It is a powerful thing to destroy someone….or something. Crush it!

´Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.´

There is an apt saying about how one can gauge the character of a person by the power they possess. It is not trying times or setbacks that test the character of a person as much as the power that they hold. In fact as Lincoln holds the view, most people have the sufficient resilience to get by adversity.

But Power is lethal…it´s intoxicating. It gives any person a high…a false high…a false heightened sense of importance over another person.

Men feel more powerful than women owing to the gender attribution of physical strength and place in society. Elders feel more powerful than children owing to their age and experience. One country feels more powerful than the rest owing to their economic and military strength. A boss feels more powerful than his employees owing to his hierarchal position. A rich person feels more powerful than the poor owing to his bank balance and assets.

A person´s real strength and character is tested when they have power. Most people are blinded by  power to see their real selves anymore. They misuse their position of power to zap other people of their energy and strength.

Even in today´s times, there is a certain section in the society that believes domestic violence is perfectly okay and an integral part of the certain cultures. Nothing to make a big fuss out of it. Like a parents hits a child to correct…likewise the husband hits his wife to keep her in check.

Any sort of violence (physical or emotional) and crafty manipulation is a gross abuse or misuse of power.

Yes, at the end of the day, we are all human beings and we commit mistakes. But ultimately, we have to learn coming terms with our inner demons. We have to be aware of our position of power to make or break another person, life or thing. And despite how much power we hold, when we choose to zap someone else, it speaks a lot more about our character flaws rather than the one we zapped with our physical or emotional blows.

The power we hold comes with an added responsibility to inspire through words or action and build someone else’s life. And definitely not to zap them of their powers.



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