U for Understatedness #AtoZChallenge

The dictionary definition of understatedness is the quality of being restrained and unpretentious.

I have always admired people who exhibited understatedness in all aspects of their lives. Without feeling the need to be popular or show off their worth to others explicably and who were just happy in their own skin.

There is nothing more appealing than the quiet confidence that comes with understatedness. That true understanding of one´s own worth among others is quietly powerful. There are so many who fall in that category. A few of them who come to my mind are A.R.Rahman, Amala Akkineni, Ratan Tata amongst many others.

While their work speaks for themselves, they are naturally understated in their dressing, bearing and manner. Their subtle intelligence and elegance is inspiring. Like the calmness of an ocean in a mood of stillness. They are mighty and powerful and yet so understated without blowing their own trumpet.

The same goes for Modesty. I genuinely think Modesty is often under-appreciated or understated in today´s times. It is so closely with understatedness, elegance and class.There is something very appealing about anyone who chooses to be restrained by choice when they could be otherwise. They don´t want to hijack the attention with their presence and manner. When it comes to their dressing, it is almost always something that is timeless and pleasing to everyone.

The quality of being unpretentious is also highly attractive. It shows that they don´t take themselves too seriously. I think it is a wonderful quality to have.


  1. In today's world of social media, everybody is busy showing off the maximum that they can. It's very rare to find any modest people that exist and it is so much pressure to keep up with all the socials. I feel blessed to be a part of this blogging community, found many genuine people here just like you. Keep up the good work dear 😃😃


  2. Oh very very true, Ankita! Social media is just the medium. There are so many narcissist people off social media as well. Thank you so much, Ankita! Same here…glad to connect with fellow minded bloggers like you. Keep visiting and sharing your thoughts. Love and Cheers!


    • Well, if they are demons, col7&nd#821u;t they take any form. And aren’t children more likely to be trusted without question than other age groups? So, if the demons wanted a way to isolate themselves with select humans, wouldn’t kids be a great way to do it? (In theory, of course)


  3. Ayer justamente, Arguiñano hizo pasta y me di&88#e230;..j#&221;pues no es tan dificil”.Nena te ha quedado de maravilla, a ver si me animo.Por cierto me como la que hay en el tenedor que está a punto de mancharte el mantelito.Un beso


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