O is for Opportunity #AtoZChallenge

´Opportunity is lost by deliberation.´—Publilius Syrus

This age-old wise quote from a 1st century BC Latin writer is a great reminder for us to be present in the ´NOW´.

It is while we stop to think, that we often miss our opportunity. To grab the opportunity that comes knocking on your door requires one to act more by instinct and less by thought. You instinctively know in your gut if something is going to be fruitful and lucrative or not. To make the most out of a striking opportunity that comes knocking on your doorstep requires one to be highly vigilant and completely absorbed in the present.

What is it that makes few people seem so lucky almost as if they seem to ´have it all´? Are they fortunate than the rest to find opportunity? Or are they more mindful of the ´Now´ and the opportunities that it presents before them?

The truth is that there is opportunity right now in your present day. Every day offers its own set of golden opportunities.And it does´nt have to be just grand business deals, fortune making propositions or any of that sort. It could be wholly altruistic in nature as well. Like the opportunity to tell your  your parents how much you love them today. Before it gets too late to say how you truly feel. The opportunity to join that hobby class because you find it so gratifying. The opportunity to steal those few minutes in your lunch break to do a brisk walk in order to stay in shape and boost productivity.

A missed opportunity is actually a lot worse than defeat. Because even in defeat, you actually learn what works and what does not. So, it really is not a loss even though it is incorrectly perceived so. There is a lot of learning in failure and defeat.

Every opportunity is your chance to achieve success. And you can´t win it if you don´t play or show up. Remember the sportsmanship spirit? Playing to your best ability and how participating is far more important that the actual win itself. We need to ask ourselves if we are passive spectators in life as we watch it simply go by or are we ready to grab the bull by its horns and join in the action.

Opportunity has less to do with luck and more to do with how productive or fruitful can you make the present. If you pay close attention right now, you will see clearly all the opportunities knocking on your door right now.

  • Where there any opportunities in the past that you regret losing out on? Why didn’t you grab them when they appeared? What are you going to do differently in the future?
  • What are some of the opportunities or doors that you can create for yourself given your current situation? How do you plan to make them a reality?


  1. Very well written. Loved the line where you have said like that…opportunity is less related to luck and more related to the present. Agreed with you and enjoyed your article.
    Sayanti and here is my today's LINK


  2. Hi Sayanti! So glad you liked the article and the lines esp. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and keep reading. I will surely read your post tomm…thnx for sharing the link. Keep reading! Cheers!


  3. Hi Geetika …You too? Lol…We all have let opportunities slip by our fingers n know that feeling too well. Glad you stopped by and shared your thoughts. Keep visiting, reading and letting me know how I'm doing in the challenge. All the best to you as well. Cheers!


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