H is for Hero #AtoZChallenge

Last night, I just finished reading the book ´Finding Juliet´ by Toffee. Obviously, that´s the author´s pseudonym.

Arjun is …the Romeo…the Hero. He wants it all – a successful professional life, a macho hot body, a cool personality that attracts girls to him like a moth to a flame etc.

This is the populist notion of a Hero. A tall, macho looking stud who is akin to ´God on Earth´ who can do no wrong. Even the wrongs seem perfectly legitimate because well, you know, he is a Hero.

So whether it is James Bond, Don, Batman or Khiladi No.1, the populist notion of a Hero is always this ´larger than life´ figure. The female protagonists in movies and literature have been portrayed as being saved by the Hero, their Prince Charming.

Arjun is a geek who undergoes a transformation to become a Hero, in that same populist sense. Bulging biceps, being charming and innocently cunning (as the book puts it), getting several women laid, having a cool success story to flaunt in the social media etc.

If you are not physically endowed with great physical and mental attributes, the quest to be imitate  follow in our Hero´s path is a real aspiration for many of us. We all have our personal heroes. From Salman Khan to Narendra Modi to Benedict Cumberbatch to Oprah Winfrey to Dr.A.P.J.Kalam to Indira Gandhi to Mother Teresa to Joan of Arc etc, the definition of Hero changes from individual to individual. The relative who battled and won over Cancer, the single mother who fought hard against the norms of the Society to raise her children, the bus driver who laid down his life to save the young children from a major mishap, the numerous freedom fighters who fought against the British to give us an independent life, the woman who lost more than 200 pounds and battled against obesity, etc. Heroes comes in all shapes and sizes and they are all around us.

But, as we worship and idolise the several heroes around us, we need to discover and acknowledge that a Hero lies within us! We are oblivious of our own inner strength and courage until we encounter a rock bottom situation. And, there will come a time in everyone´s life when there is no one to save us except own selves. Perhaps even others caught in a similar situation as ours! You wake up one day and realise that your struggles and battles are your own and no one else´s. And there is no one more capable to fight all the odds and enemies except you and you alone!

Here´s something that I am doing for some reflection today! And, I urge you to join me as I do some soul-searching today.

  • What is my definition of a Hero? What are the qualities that I seek in a Hero?
  • When and where can I display my heroism? Is it only in a threatening crisis like a terrorist attack or in my everyday lives?
  • Who is my personal Hero and Why?
  • Does a Hero necessarily have to be a success? Are failed heroes to be glorified as much as their successful counterparts?
  • Am I aware of the personal attributes that make me a Hero? What are some of them?


  1. What is my definition of a Hero? What are the qualities that I seek in a Hero?
    One who enables opportunities for those who need; who doesnt deprive opportunities to others when ever possible; one who doesnt exploit others for personal gains. Whoever comes in contact with a hero, goes back a happy person. One who doesnt expect a kickback from being helpful or heroic.


  2. Tina, this is a very deep explanation of the topic. Hats off to you! You are correct in saying that we are our own hero. and a time comes when nobody is of any help but we ourselves. And I would like to add to this that when God is there then you are never alone.


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