F is for Fuck Mantra #AtoZChallenge

Let me tell you at the very outset, I hate this particular four word. In fact, I abhor it! Every time, I hear someone say the F-word, I cringe inside. Like literally, every cell and organ of my body curls up inside in disgust!

But, you know, Life sometimes teaches you the hard way that every bad has a good side to it. Whoever that wise quack was who quoted that, none of us are all black or all white but shades of gray! What do you know! The quack was indeed right!

So now, I absolutely love and appreciate the philosophy behind a good Fuck! And I would highly recommend you to chant the Fuck Mantra to bring the back the good into your life every single time that Life fucks you up.

No, I am dead serious.

All you have to do is chant several times (a minimum of three ..no less) a day –


You may sound like a crazed chicken while chanting this unholy mantra! But, I promise you, the peace and confidence that this mantra will bring into your life is simply priceless.

Let me also remind you that how you choose to say it will vary according to the situation you land yourself in!

What are some of the situations in your life when you can use this mantra?

1. Toxic People – You know you will come across several ones of these in your life.And you have to have a defence strategy. The Fuck Mantra comes to your rescue here. It could be the overbearing relative within the confines of your home or outside, that cheeky coworker, that two-faced superior etc. who think they have the license to treat you like shit, walk all over you, say anything about you. Or for that matter, any judgemental prick who has the nerve to judge you when they have no fucking clue themselves what they are all about! Tell them to go


For the most dangerously toxic ones, kick them in the nuts, fling them outside and tell them to literally ´Fuck Off´ before slamming the door on their face.

Good riddance! Problem solved!

2. Toxic Emotions – Here, you are fighting against no one except the inner demons within you. Whether it is guilt, anger, ego, pride, bitterness, jealousy, lust etc, these negative emotions have no place in your life. And they seriously need to go out of your life just like the toxic people if you ever hope to have a peaceful happy life. To get rid of these negative emotions, find a quiet spot in your home or the natural outdoors, close your eyes, focus and meditate upon the negative emotions that is eating you up internally, and chant determinedly –


….Till you feel all the negative emotions flow through and out of your body, into the Universe.

3. When God has a sense of Humour – Now, this one is seriously dangerous, my friend! No one can mess with The God. Like Really! Who stands a minuscule chance against the mighty creator? None, Right? So, what other option do you have in life other than to chant the Fuck Mantra. So, When God has a little fun and humour at your expense,  Fret not! All you have to do is play along – let all those tears flow freely while you cry into a river and break into a melodramatic tune of the Fuck mantra. Look up into the skies and sing

Why did you have to Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku-Fucku
Tell me, why all this Kolaveri? 

Trust me, even the mighty God will have no option but to be merciful and kind and bring your life back into order! Whodathunk that The Fuck Mantra would let God set your life back in order? Now, you know better!

4. Romance – The Fuck Mantra can greatly boost your love life and also help save mankind from extinction. Don’t trust me! You can really use the Fuck Mantra as a powerful tool of Seduction. Girls, turn on your femininity, bat your eyelids, fluttering it several times as you softly pout and murmur,


Trust me, this mantra will do wonders and is best used in-between the sheets for maximum fun.

On a concludary note, Always remember –

´When Life give you lemons, make Lemonade!
And When Life fucks with you, chant the Fuck Mantra!´


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  2. Oh wow, Dr.Roshan! What a pleasant surprise! Really! This is so cool….You actually wrote in here before I discovered your blog. Hello and a Warm Welcome! I actually saw your comments on other´s blogs and it did´t strike me until now that it was the same person who commented on my blog earlier. Thank you so much…it really means a lot when someone as accomplished as you, in the capacity of a writer, appreciates your work. Hahaha…well..well…I hope you do find luck in all the categories. Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and writing in. Plz do visit more often. Cheers!


  3. Hello Tomichan…Hahaha, Thank you so much! Glad I could play clown for the day and bring some laughter and tickle you silly. Great honour indeed when such established writers and great minds like you appreciate in here. Really means a LOT. Thank you so much. Keep reading….and writing in unabashedly!


  4. Hi Dr. Bushra! Firstly, thank you so much for stopping by every day, reading and writing in. Love you just for that! Lol…I know ..isn´t it amusing when guys find it shocking when girls behave like them!

    What….you drink?
    What …you smoke?
    What….you are not a virgin?
    What….you swear?

    Btw, I don´t use the F-Word. As I said at the start, I cringe when I hear the word…for some reason. I wrote a blogpost dedicated solely to how much I detested the word 10 years ago. You can check it out here http://tinatease.blogspot.in/2007/07/fuck-fuck.html

    But, I quite like the philosophy of not giving a fuck at times…it really helps in leading a sane and happy life. Would like to add the book ´The Art of Not Giving a Fuck´to my reading bucket list this year. The original topics I thought for the day´s challenge was Family..Friends. My daughter wanted me to write on Fashion. Then, out of nowhere, I thought let´s write about the philosophy of not giving a Fuck!


  5. Hi Meghan! Thank you so much for stopping by and writing in! Im so glad you find this funny and useful. It is such a pleasure having you in here. I visited your blog for the first time and wow, you have a lot going in there. As I already said, I throughly enjoyed your day´s read…Hilarious and Brilliant! I could relate so much to your post today. More than the challenge of blogging daily, I quite like the fact that you get to discover and meet like-minded bloggers sharing the same love for writing. Love and Cheers!


  6. Hi Ankita! Lol….Im glad I could provide some laughter therapy in the morning…lol. Seriously Yes! And Ive come to learn that the hard way. Exactly, propriety be damned…lol! Keep reading and thank you so much for writing in. Love and Cheers!


  7. Hey Namratha! Glad you liked the article and found it funny. You know what…your experiences remind me of a ex-female boss of mine who used the F-word like no-one I had ever seen. She´d swear out loud in front of everyone and it was quite scandalous at first but amusing as well. It is therapeutic and yes, a Stress Buster. If it works for men perfectly, I don't see why it cannot work for us women, As Anikta rightly said, propriety be damned…lol! Thank you so much for writing in. Keep reading and Cheers!


  8. Hi Debbie! Lol….I hear you! There was a point in my life that I judged others harshly who used the word. It does reflect badly until I came across an ex-female boss of mine who used it like nobody´s business. And she was really intelligent…a very high IQ…extremely creative, well informed and read. Also, with time, Ive realised that I love the philosophy behind the word. It really helps in certain situations and circumstances. Some people and emotions are just not worth your attention and time. And, I certainly can´t think of any other word this versatile…Hahaha! Keep reading. Cheers!


  9. Hi Darla! Absolutely and very well put. Me too..I am glad we connected. Will check out your blog shortly and we can read each others work from now on. That will indeed be very cool. Thanks for sharing! Cheers!


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