E is for Education-Light in the dark! #AtoZChallenge

´Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all´ – Aristotle

Yesterday, I watched this amazing movie, Poorna: Courage Has No Limit in one of the city´s multiplex theatres. I was hearted by the fact that the movie hall was filled to capacity. Movies like these ought to be made and shown.

Amongst many issues, this wonderful movie touches upon is Education. There is no need to emphasise how important Education is in one´s life.

Education is for the mind what Religion is for the soul. But Alas! Like Religion, Education today is a rotten putrefied fruit preyed upon by politics, selfishness and greed.

The movie is a grim reminder of how the current education system is at its peril worst – an over-greedy management supported by an apathetic and overburdened staff teachers. There is an ugly commercialisation of Education and commodification of its students.

Year in and year out, the system churns out another brick in the wall.

The educational system doesn’t value and celebrate diversity in the classroom – the ant, the elephant, the grasshopper, the snake, the lion etc. All it conveniently does is bracket all the learners together and coerce them to huddle up under the same umbrella. There is no reward and recognition for that future beautician, entrepreneur, choreographer, life coach, political leader etc in the class. What matters at the end of the day is a fat educational fee and some record breaking scores to advertise and bait future gullible students in this awful educational business racket.

The hero of the movie, Poorna, apart from the protagonist, is undoubtedly her teacher-mentor, Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar. He is one of those rare breed of teachers who is passionate about imparting real education to his students. This real life character shows us the real value and impact an outstanding teacher can make even on the most downtrodden and hopeless student.

What I loved about the character was that he was truly an educated soul. He was not only exceptionally intelligent with a far-sighted vision, but he had the most beautiful and caring heart. And, ultimately, that is the true essence of education as Aristotle rightly says. Education is not merely about academics and opening up the mind. It is also about sensitising people and their hearts.

To be truly educated is to be like a candle – bringing light not only into your own life, but also lighting up the life of another soul that is in darkness!

In this analogy, Dr.Abdul J. Kalam comes to mind along with Dr.R.S.Praveen Kumar. Here´s to more such bright educated minds and teachers!



  1. I would like to see this movie, Tina! People used to tend to skip these movies considering them offbeat, and prefer to see commercial hits. But now, I think times are changing with a general understanding of the importance of education and other social issues. I agree that education is a basic right. Very nice post.

    Thank you for visiting my blog!


  2. Hi Jacqui! Thank you so much for stopping by, reading and writing in. Oh yes! It was Thomas Jefferson indeed and it still holds true today as well. Keep reading! Love and Cheers!


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