Not My Fault



There in the dark shadows,

lurked a demon slayer

Watching with his daunting eyes,

For the next prey in his commanding sight,

Not to fulfil his lust for sex,

But to ascertain his authority and power.

He got a kick from their shrieks and cries,

A high from the blood gushing out of the virgin´s core,

He knew he could devour anyone and anybody,

The world was at his feet,

And He was its evil Master!


Í  see that girl,

Walking towards me,

With her seductive hips swaying like a mesmerising snake,

She brings out the beast in me,

At the threshold of her puberty.

She needs to know who is the Lord!

A lesson she needs to be taught.

I shall drink from the fountain of her youth,

And devour every air of supremacy in her being.

I will kill her soul,

and leave her scarred and shamed for life,

Death be upon her,

Lest she resists!

Her sexy school uniform will be faulted,

And the gutless Society will not have her back.

Either ways she be damned,

She has no option but to surrender

To the Man!


That woman in her prime,

A mother of two and a free soul, I see!

Didn’t anyone tell her the streets are not to explored at night?

She should be caged in her home,

Like good women should be!

Loosely prancing around in her body hugging shirt and a short skirt,

What does she think!

She can get away with this?

The demon slayer is here to the rescue,

This world is mine and everyone succumbs to me.

I will strip her of her pride and arrogance,

And that confidence that is repulsive to me.

She will be left stark naked,

And touched in places where she never has been

Handcuffed, blind folded and gagged,

Iron rods and acid to the quick rescue.

This will teach her a fitting lesson,

To know and be in her proper place,

Before she thinks of venturing out again,

Like a demon that corrupts everyone around her,

With her unholy presence and being.


There she strolled by,

A vision in black

Covered from head to toe,

Her hazel eyes peeking slyly,

From her downward tilted head,

She has been brought up right, I see

What is she like underneath?

I wonder and smile!

An intriguing mystery waiting to be explored….

Yes! She is not asking for it,

But the world is mine,

And she is my slave.

My command is her wish,

The Burkha goes flying out the window,

When she is with me,

My every whim is her calling,

My dark desires is her taking.

For the good woman finds her place

At the Lord´s feet.

All her demons slayed and put to quiet rest forever!


Oh that boy,

So tender, so fine,

His innocence lush and untouched,

The forbidden fruit –

Oh! so inviting and so tempting!

´If I cannot have him, no one will,´

I proudly declared.

´Either he loses his boyhood to me,

Or I, shall slay him for the vultures to feast upon!´

He plays so gleefully,

Hopping on the streets with a little twig,

I see no fear in his eyes,

I see big dreams and hopes,

I see vulnerability that is waiting to be broken and shattered,

I was this boy once upon a time,

And I was touched like he is about to be,

I was never the same again,

And so shall he!

He will stripped off his naivety,

And will cry and beg for me…

To stop.

But I won´t.

I will keep going after him,

Till one day, he begs for more.

That is the day,

He will carry forward my legacy,

He will be the Lord of all Lords,

The righteous demon slayer,

The moral keeper of the prudish society.

For her dress and her being,

is her own doing.

Asking for it from the Lord,

Her eyes begging me,

´Undress Me!

For I am all yours…..

Yours for the taking.

Your slave for tonight and every!



My dress

My being,

None of your business.

I am no one´s  property

for their perverse taking,

Undress Me?

Ha! Really?

No! I am not asking for ít´,

You are!

My dress,

My being,

Is not my fault.

We stand,

Vastly different,

Like two different entities

separated by a thick borderline.

And, you can enter,

Only with my consent alone.´

she cried out loud.


(This dark poem is written through the eyes of a rapist and how he misjudges and devalues a woman who comes in his sight. Please note that this reverse psychology poem was written with an intention to break all misconceptions, prejudices, bias and taboo surrounding the rape victims. Let us look at the unfortunate victims who fell prey to the heinous crime of rape  with love, respect and dignity like all human beings deserve. Let us understand that it is not their fault and anyone can be a potential victim or susceptible to rape irrespective of their age, caste, religion, attire. Let us support the victims in their fight for justice.  As long as we keep judging them for their choice of clothes, character etc, the rapists will get away with rape and murder. So, STOP judging any rape victim for their attire and character. She is NOT asking for it. Stop Judging)

This poem was first published at Women´s Web

And also published at mycity4kids

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