Bring on the Judgement and We keep Marcin On´!

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´Judge not, lest you be judged´– Mathew 7, 1-3

As you might have discovered by now, the world does not function this way. In fact, everyone is subjected to scrutiny in some form or the other. Judged at every stage of our lives.
´That kid is so obese.´

´That girl is dark´

´That boy is so skinny´

Oh my god! She left her husband and her kids

She´s such a doormat! How can she stay with a man who beats her to pulp?
He is such a hen-pecked husband. 
She is such a sl$%! Did you see what she wore to that party?


Nothing is EVER right….with anyone! The tongues just keep wagging!
You think once you attain massive success, people will finally shut their trap. But alas! the tongues that keep wagging only keep multiplying with every success that you meet. And you thought, only failure brought in judgement. How wrong you were!
Whether you are an Obama or an Osama, a Clinton or a Trump, a Modi or a Rahul Gandhi, a Priyanka Chopra or a Sunny Leone, a Virat Kohli or a Dhoni, it doesn’t matter how crazy successful you are. You can never ever escape being judged. As your supporters increase, so do your detractors.
´One of the most valuable things one of my art teachers said to me was, Don´t get upset by criticism. Value the fact that at least someone noticed what you did.´– Chris Ware
Chris Ware is a renowned comic book illustrator and cartoonist. Imagine if he got bogged down by judgement early on in life! The point I am trying to drive is many of us believe those judgements about us. We let it sink into our deep unconscious psyche. We lose faith in ourselves and our potential. We question our worth and our value. We believe THEM. When the actual truth is that your value does not go down because others fail to see it. 
And we detract ourselves from taking that untrodden path or that risk for the fear of being judged one more time. What we fail to understand is that the world is not going to change irrespective of our success or failure. In fact, the more you are doing things right, the more you are going to be under scrutiny. You are going to be challenged, ruthlessly attacked and opposed even more. You are going to be judged a lot more harshly once you fall under the larger purview of the public eye.
Get used to judgement!Whether it is your boss giving you his feedback about you, or your peers forming a certain image about you or your pokey neighbours or your parents or your spouse or family or friends or anyone, you will encounter judgement every day of your life. What we should not get used to and get rid of is our incessant fear of being judged and our longing to be accepted and liked. People are going to talk bad about you. Most often behind your back while some will take shameless liberties to say it upfront! Get used to it!
Judgement is the unspoken Law of this world and the other! As is the Law of Gravity, so is the Law of Judgement!
The Law of Judgement – ´The higher thy rise, the greater thou art judged!´

This Law is as certain as any other. Just as Newton discovered that the apple that fell from the apple tree was pulled towards the Earth due to the force of gravity , so also there is no escaping judgement for any one on this planet or any other.

Even if you are among the lucky few who escape being judged by mortal human beings, remember that the Judgement Day awaits you post your death by the Heavenly Father who sits upon his kingly throne up in Heaven! Either the pearly gates of Heaven or the flaming fires of Hell await you!

´Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.´– Mathew 19:24

Even God´s judgement gets harsher with every success you meet. You are more accountable and far more under scrutiny than ever before. Okay, I think Ive digressed a bit too far from the topic trying to prove my point that there is absolutely no escape from the dreaded J-word.

So yeah, go ahead and Judge all you can! Because we are going to do what we have to – Take those risks, do it, live, dare, face all the failures and embrace the successes.
‘Remember no one can make you feel inferior without your consent´ – Eleanor Roosevelt

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