What´s in a name?

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 “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” 

So wisely quoted, the great Shakespeare eons ago!

The news channels and social media have been buzzing with outrage over Saif and Kareena´s newborn baby. Instead of congratulating the parents and praying for the good health and long life of the baby, all one got to witness were angry curses and abuses hurled at the family. 

All for a name that has nothing to do with any of their individual families. Yet, they felt somehow entitled to the responsibility and ownership of the name of someone else´s baby. 

I see it this way – Let´s take the very common name of Michael or a Srinivas. I´m pretty sure you can name a long list of some famous as well infamous Michaels and Srinivas´. Taimur is a very rare name and the only well-known personality is Taimur or Timur, the Lame King who went killing and destroying all infidels and their nations, including Indian cities. But, like any other name, I´m sure there are many other lesser known ´Taimurs´ in the world who are good human beings, some also being exceptional doctors, humanists, teachers, ordinary nice folks´like you and me.

A similar kind of outrage broke out when Sania Mirza decided to marry Shoaib Akthar. Not only was this the dreaded Hindu-Muslim marriage but also an Indo-Pakistan one. Suddenly, Sania Mirza´s marriage was a matter of national honour and pride. Like the typical ´Log kya kahenge´ mentality that is deeply ingrained in the Indian psyche. So much so, it pushed Rajesh Khanna to croon wisely ´Kuch toh log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna´! In other words, ´unko aur koi kaam dhanda nahi hain´!

Back to Saifeena, the birth of any child is a moment of joy for any parent. Do we really have any right to abuse or question their liking of any name or their particular choice for their own baby?

So, the real question, my friend is ´Would the baby, by any other name be any less adorable?´ Let´s see the baby like any other, with our eyes filled with love and hearts with miraculous wonder and make this world a kinder, nicer place for the generations to come!


  1. Dear Tomichan,

    Absolutely! Coincidentally yesterday afternoon, we went to watch the Hindi movie ´Dangal´. We,the audience were forced to stand up for the National Anthem before the start of the movie. So far so good. In the climax of the movie, the anthem plays again when Geeta Phogat, the main protagonist of the movie win the gold medal for India at the Commonwealth Games. And almost the whole audience were inspired to stand up and sing the anthem. After which, some screamed out loud ´Bharat Mata ki Jai´. Before we know it, a fight ensued between two parties in the theatre hall. One man was abusing the other Árent you a proud Indian? Why didn't you stand up for the National Anthem? You don´t deserve to stay in this country?'. And the other man replied ' Who are you to question my patriotism and decide where I deserve to stay?´. So, yes flashing your patriotism publicly and questioning those who don't is now the ín-thing´. Jai Hindi!


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