Seedling of Creativity

…………………..   are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play´ 

Fill in the blanks, folks!

I don´t know about you. But, the word that popped up in my head was ´Children´or ´Kids´. But, the true answer is ´Creative people´. Isn’t it almost whimsical how synonymous the two answers are! You could perfectly swap ´Creative people´with ´Children´and BOOM! it would still make perfect sense and not alter the meaning one single bit.

So there you go, the complete quote below!

´Creative people  are curious, flexible, persistent and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure and a love of play´ 

And this was actually quoted by revolutionary French artist, Henri Matisse, who wasn’t afraid to be as pure and free spirited as a child when it came to self-expression through the powerful medium of art. He used vivid colours and complex forms with gay abandon.

In his own words again, he sought to create an art that would be “a soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair.” While his ultimate intent and objective was pleasure and contentment, his use of color and pattern was often deliberately disorientating and unsettling.

Isn’t that again, what children usually do! If you have children of your own or have studied other´s children, you would be amazed at how similarly the minds of the worlds greatest artists of all time and children function. Much like say Matisse´s style of functioning, children deceptively appear to be scatterbrained and inadept with their tiny fingers, making a ´mess´ (according to our limited adult minds). But, the truth is amidst all this wild curiosity, chaos, unsettling frenzy is the ultimate objective to attain pleasure and contentment. Simply genius!

We owe a lot to our children and artists alike! For reminding us that being adults doesn’t necessarily have to mean the end of being curious, flexible, persistent, independent, adventurous and playful.

In short, becoming an adult doesn’t mean the death of the child within us, but the birth of many children within our being. One seedling that offshoots into many fruits and seedlings of curiosity, flexibility, persistence, independence, adventure and play.

Here´s a picture of my big inspiration and reminder with a creation of her own handmade hair accessory clip.

What colour are you going to paint the town today? Hmmmmm! I´m thinking on the lines of green, magenta and ash! 

Aren´t we talking and thinking like children already? Better still, like world famous artists! (Wink)


  1. Good write and well described….One point of observation is that while instilling and encouraging creativity in children, encourage them, instill in them those aspects of empathy,sensitivity to surroundings and people around and nourish them along with creativity; these two aspects are the true propellers for innovation…Most often creativivity and creative ideas dont result in innovation and discoveries. Abasence of these two in creative processing stymies the innovation.


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