Long Live The Pen

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Hallelujah! My blog has finally risen from the dead!

All thanks to the constant reminders of few loved ones coupled with an inward surge to write again. Sure, a lot has changed since I penned last. Some of my past blogs make me smile. Some make me laugh and cry out loud. Some of them make me cringe in embarrassment so much that I want hide under the table like a child. There is this sense of pure wonder when I read my past entries. Is this girl really me? But, that’s the beauty of journaling. It’s a figurative time-machine. I love photographs for the same reasons. It captures your present for keeps. You can walk down the memory lane anytime and relive the past all over again. But, journaling captures so much more in depth than a mere photograph.You see your transformation ..your evolution over the years through your own words and perspective. Writing captures your frame of mind and soul – it’s pulse, emotions and thoughts. It’s liberating to say the least. Much like any other form of art – music, film, painting, crafting, cooking etc
I’ve also realized that it’s time not to take some things for granted. Like writing which I’ve conveniently and cozily put in the back burner for quite some time now, Yes! I took a very happy hiatus – marriage, motherhood, travel, other amazing things etc. But at the end of the day, these are nothing but mere excuses. When something comes so naturally and gives you so much happiness, why halt it at all? There are other skills that I personally desire to learn and master. But, no longer at the cost of writing which I’ve decided to fine polish through this blog of mine.

So, For the pure love and joy of writing, here I am. Hopefully this time, sharper and wiser with her pen.

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