Fuck the F.U.C.K

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Tis high time!

Contrary to the trend, seriously it’s NOT cool and happening. Instead it’s irritating, non-creative and dumb.

It’s irritating coz you have to encounter that word every day. Picture this – There I am sweating it out at the gym and out of nowhere, I hear an Akon crooning ingloriously ‘I wanna fuck you, you already know’. Now, why would I know or even want to know, Dude?

It’s so non-creative coz you just going with the trend. It’s supposed to be cool coz your favorite rock star, hip-hop star thinks so. Is there a thing called individuality? Why this herd mentality? Fuck a Tree and be a real Cow or Be ‘YOU’ – The choice is yours.

It’s so dumb coz it makes you look like you know no other word in the English vocabulary to express your feelings and emotions. Actually, you don’t, don’t ya? U just revealed your Achilles’ heel, Dahlings!

I know some not so wise man said; ‘You gotta live and let live’. But please let us live and help us let you live as well before you kill us with the F-word day in and day out and we murder you soon enough in broad daylight.



  1. Ho Ho Ho Ho Ho Tina, at last, you are in your elements. Never found such an uninhibited blog from u. U r now a seasoned blogger with no holds barred. Had me in splits. Ya ,we must all find a new word carrying more punch than this much abused fourletter word which i wont repeat for fear of getting a slap from u!!!


  2. wow, some real hard core stuff there 🙂i think akon was singing about someone who was already on the pole. but in general, yeah the word is just being hyped and being used too often for being cool or to be IN the group which aint cool.


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