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Yesterday, I stumbled upon a news report on the Bird Flu.  The article per se was very speculative and left the readers pondering over a lot of unanswered questions.

After months of major media hype & making a regular Page 1 feature consistently over months rubbing shoulder with the likes of a George Bush & a Tony Blair, the virus seems to have gone into a disappearing act of sorts. All those media reports & coverage of the hapless victims of the flu are no where on the horizon now.

Is this whole bird flu controversy just another case of mass-hysteria?All sound & no substance? Or have we simply outsmarted & vaccinated away the lil mean virus deep into its coffin?

The scientists & researchers are pondering over the same questions. There is no definitive answer. Scientists claim that post-vaccination, it is more difficult to detect the virus now than ever before. True, vaccination has eliminated the virus to a large extent but there could still be lesser remains that is tough to detect.

This new speculation comes as a huge downer for chicken lovers like me. Everytime I am tempted to occasionally gorge on that slurpy chicken dish,the news article flashes on my mind & I can’t help but think twice grudgingly.


  1. Hi Tina,
    I have no clue how i hit upon your blog! i guess it was something to do with a cousin of mine Vidhya Bhat being a friend of one of your friends.
    Now that the connect has been extablished (I am not sure if you are ok with getting anonymous comments, – so thought it is imperative to establish a connect. happy i managed to save up 3 degrees from the maximum 6)

    Read your posts. All the three blogs. your tales, your thoughts and your tease. I must say that you ahve a very no frills and fancy way of writing. That really appealed to me. The post about Gandhiji was particularly good.

    Coming to this post… I guess like a law of nature, it is the law of the media world that nothing stays on page one beyond 48 hours.(Even if it does, doesn’t get the middle column). Flux, rather flux owing to the sauciness, scare and marketability of a story is what decides its spot! Yeah, i am a chicken lover too, i was scared too. But now, even though there is a vague thread of thought which runs in my mind about a possible scare of the infection, I still give into the temptation and once i give in the old thread gets aborted… 🙂 So far so good!


  2. Tinaben,

    tu kaay ko khaali peeli fikar karti ? Chicken khao mast raho. kuch nahin hoga.

    Yes, the whole thing was a mare’s nest, a bugaboo, the primary reason being to fill the coffers of a few swiss and US pharma companies with billions of dollars. The drug Tamiflu was supplied to almost all countries, thru the recommendation of WHO.Most of it is lying unutilised and will expire. Today it is these pharma companies which rule the world. Rumsfeld was a CEO of a big MNC pharma co. before he became Defence Secretary led Bush up the garden path on Iraq. MNCs made billions out of antiretroviral drugs meant for HIV aids ( the cocktail therapy) before Ranbaxy and Cipla from India made the same drugs at one tenth the price and supplied to African countries. This has been lauded by the UN too.

    Well, the birdflu virus is not transmitted thru eating chicken preparations. It is transmitted w hen u handle the sick birds or come in contact with or inhale their dried shit.

    So what r u waiting for? Order Butter chicken from Ludhiana, Tandoori from Sher-e-Punjab or Venky’s ready to eat processed chicken. Just hog.

    I am no longer scared of these page 3 diseases.

    I donot chicken out easily


  3. Hey Vishal,

    Thanks for establishing that connection….lol. It’s real nice of you to stop by and give me your valubale feedback.

    A lot of people actually liked the Gandhigiri post. Wondered if people would doze off to sleep reading dat one. Glad some like ya didn’t :).

    Till then, Keep awake & reading & critiquing….:)!


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