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What’s the whole mania about Sania? I don’t think even breath-taking court-stopper legends like Steffi Graf and Chris Evert received the maddening amount of attention like the way Sania gets in India…

She’s an average player who just needs to be left alone to her game..and not left to some million bunches of voyeurs in our country…The biggest joke is when she opens her gob and Plop! – What spits out is her really amusing fake Americanized accent. Hyderabadi potti going Western potty.And yeah those ‘I wanna be an Indian Anna Kournikova version’ outfits. Not to forget, what’s with those nose-rings?..Globalizing Indian nose-rings huh?

Anyways, she’s free to live her life the way she wants it too…And it’s real cool to see a young girl pursue her dreams and achieve it too…But I still can’t help laughing at her fake accent….

But what’s with the Sania maniacs out there…….Go get a Life!


  1. Hey, I am a sania fan! I am touched to the quick by your carping coments about her accent, outfit and nosering. And she is not trying to be an Anna Kournikova. Anna is no longer a tennis player she has turned model and has married. Sania is a thorough professional and all the limelight is not of her seeking. We, her fans, have created this halo around her pretty head. She does look fetching though! Noserings are traditionally worn by her community and there is no need for her to cast it away. It may be a problem when she has a cold but certainly not an impeiment to weilding the racket. If she could give a fright to Venus Williams in the Austraian open and beat former World No. 1 Martina Hingis in Seoul, this slip of a girl has some stuff in her.
    More power to her elbow, her tennis elbow!! and please be sparing in your criticism of the poor babe notwithstanding her awful accent.


  2. I will wait for your teaser on me. Believe me, I will take it in the right spirit, no offence taken. Because I know this blog is where u let your hair down and words just flow out of your dainty fingers. U can switch off as easilsy from serious stuff to light levitating banter. Shows your versatility and how quickly u can change your moods.

    In management jargon TINA means “There Is No Alternative”
    And in blogs, i find no alternative to you.


  3. Hi Tinaben,

    Tu itni achchi Tapori bolti hai? Tu to Bangalooru ki ladki hai phir bhi mumbai ki boli? Kamaal hai tinaben. Lage raho. Apun khush hai ” Good Morning Mumbaiiiiiii”


  4. HI TINA… i to feel same thing about sania.. she didnt play her game well.. ..if we compare with international top tennis players.. even though…as she is from india… and she is the only persona so far limelighted in tennis… in india.. u now how media reacts… so media hyped her like anything…but to be frank we need to allow her some time get a break.. with rankings.. if we consider.. and she need to achive ….lot…
    ok for us nothing to do her accent of american… only wat we need is her game… nothing here her personnel…so .. iam suming up here.. she has to grow..lot…. and specially in world rankings..
    and iam very happy as she is an indian girl… and proud to be my hyderabadi… far..

    so TINA …in future if u would like to write a comment .. ac crtic.. u need take her .. professioanl expertise.. or play.. game.. wise u need to comment… not her personnel…
    so in my view any critic in the world will not write about players .. personnel issues ..

    and keep wrting …good .. spread the postiveness ..among your freinds… and u r blog vistors…


  5. Hey Kiran,

    Why r u upset? Did u not read the masthead of Tina’s teasers which clearly says sense ceases and nonsense begins. It is all in a light hearted way. Cant we enjoy light banter, why be so serious all the time. I know u r a hyderabadi and are sensitive to any comment about Hyderabadi. Emandi? Be cool andi !

    Well,I visited your blog it is blank. U have not posted a single blog so far. U r a new kid on the block,(blog) so I welcome u kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkiran! ( that is not me, that is Shah Rukh Khan)


    NB In future do not criticise Tina. She is my favourite blogger and role model just as sania mirza is yours.


  6. Vichchoobhai,

    I had such a laugh reading your counter-blog defending me….Lol. So cute n funny….

    Bhai, Apun khush hua…aur ik aur cheez…Don’t worry be happy.Bhai sad ho to Tinaben ki yaad kar…

    Apun Chali..Milte hai agle blog ke baad.

    – Tinaben


  7. Kiran,

    Personally speaking, I think Sania is an achiever who needs to be given all due credit. And I’m doubly happy coz she happens to be a woman who’s excelled n come on tops in the past and is still trying to excel. She is what she is purely coz of her years of toil n sweat. And surely, I’ll be the first one to write a blog on her achievements when she makes us all proud one day. Not that she hasn;t so far…but kya karein..Yeh Dil Maange More…

    On dat note, keep the comments pouring & thanks for your comments.


  8. Tinu garu,

    Telugu tili ledandi. I just wrote andi andi which they speak in Sitafal Mandi in Hyderabad, lovely custard apples u get there, basket fulls. Have u tastd asli hyderabadi custard apples,u would love them . Ask Kiran to send some thru Sania when she comes to Bangalore.

    I am a polyglot. I know Konkani, Kannada, Marathi, Tamil, Hindi, Tulu and Hindi/Urdu not to speak of mumbaiya tapori. Apun ko sab maloom. A bit of malayalam too, becos i come from Karnataka Kerala border.

    Korsa korsa ariyum malayalam,
    Enda Moley?

    Waiting for your next blog, after u wake up from your sleep. I think u just opened yr eys to reply to Kiran and me and have gone back to sleep. Hapy sleeping!
    Hope Pammoo does not wake u up with his antics!


  9. HI TINA

    CONGRATULATIONS !!!!!!!!!!

    I wanted to be the 1000th hitter in your blog and I got the chance.

    U started in October and look u have had 1000 hits in such a short time. Which means ur quite popular in the blogging world now.

    Lage Raho Tinaben!

    But one complaint U r now very irregular. Why dint u write once a week at least? Pl try Tina.


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