1. Hi Tina

    Lovely! Both you and your brother make a lovely sight. I think u have just started blogging. I wish you all success. Ansd I would be a regular reader of your blogs and comment on them


  2. Yes, I have just started blogging. Thanks for for your wishes and support. I don’t know where you hail from….But it would be interesting to see how you would react to some of my blogs….Anyways, keep reading on & posting me your comments.


  3. Hey Tine,

    On a serious note, Richard Attenborough’s film GANDHI is being shown at the Goa Film festival. Have u seen it? U may not recognise Om Puri and Rohini Hattiangadi.Ben Kingsley as Gandhi rocks!
    U must also see Shyam Benegal’s Making of Gandhi. A good film. This will give added dimension to your newfound interest in Gandhi and his philosophy. Unlike Lage Raho, which was a comedy, these two are Biopics. If u want a critical view of Gandhiji u can also see Gandhi Virudh Gandhi, a play which was censored and banned sometime ago. It shows that though Gandhi as a leader and thinker was great, he had problems with his son Harilal. Interesting play. Anyways, it is up to u.


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